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Getting the message "Possible infinite loop detected, shutting down."

I have been running the same scripts for years.  It started showing this error message a few weeks ago.  I tried removing all the scripts and adding them back but it keeps occurring.  Anybody know how to fix it? 
The Aaron
Roll20 Production Team
API Scripter
My assumption is that your game is quite large.  Does it happen immediately on startup, or while the script is running later? If you disable all scripts and use just this script: on('ready',()=>log('Ready Event Fired.')); Do you get the "Ready Event Fired" log output in the API Console?

Edited 1708040588
It happens immediately or within a few seconds after loading.   Even with just that small script active and all others deleted, I still get the error.  It is a large game and the campaign has been running since 2021.  I have been using the same scripts since it started,   Your scripts are currently disabled due to an error that was detected. Please make appropriate changes to your script's code and click the "Save Script" button. We will then attempt to start running the scripts again.  More info...  If this script was installed from the Mod Library, you might find help in the Community API Forum. For reference, the error message generated was:  Possible infinite loop detected, shutting down.