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Issue uploading animated map

I purchased an animated battlemap from James RPG and tried to upload it, but it freezes between 30% and 50%. Here's what I've tried so far: I've made sure I have enough storage space (I have more than 6 GB available.) I've made sure the file size is small enough (It's 18 MB and with a pro I can upload 20 MB.) I've tried changing the compression and file format, reducing it's size to 5 MB and 3 MB. I've the file in different formats and tried to change it various ways. I've tried as gif, mp4, and webm. I've tried to use Firefox and Chrome. I've tried from two different computers and also my phone. I've tried using two different internets. The file has no problem being uploaded on other platforms, only issue is uploading to Roll20. I've tried uploading it to different games, and also directly to the art library. I've tried letting it upload through the night, giving it over 12 hours to upload. I've looked through the internet and the forums for help. I've uploaded gifs before, so it seems to be a Roll20 issue with James RPG animated maps. I've written to James and asked for help. I've tried modifying the animated battlemap and then upload it afterwards (Gif format 10 MB). Any help with uploading this animated battlemap that I've paid for would be greatly appreciated. DM Jay
Forum Champion
Others have reported (and I have experienced also) the same issue with other animation uploads, particularly large-sized ones (Maps rather than Tokens). In the backgrond I believe that Roll20 is converting those to another format (i think it's webm). I don't know of any solution for this, besides the steps you already tried.  Roll20 has announced the next evolution of the technology called Project Jumpgate and they have said that when Project Jumpgate is live on Roll20 it will be better at supporting animations and animated maps. Look up the roll20 blog about Jumpgate, it seems to be coming along fairly soon, and for the sake of your map I hope it's sooner than later.  There are some large-size animated Maps and weather effects overlays for sale under Roll20 Marketplace. I guess one advantage of those is they are already loaded and converted into the format Roll20 wants. 
Thank you for the reply. Very interesting about Project Jumpgate. I'll be patient and hope that this update will facilitate animated sheets.
Forum Champion
You still have the option to submit this to the Roll20 Help Center, and see if they can give you any help. That's the official way to report bugs and request support nowadays for Roll20.