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Total noob question about Charactermancer and Goliath Race

Hello, as a new D&D 5e player and new Roll20 user i would like to use Charactermancer to create a Goliath. I fully understand that you need to buy a manual in order to find the Race in the Charactermancer, but it seems (by a Google search) that the Goliath race is in a manual called "Elemental Evil Player's Guide" that i cannot find in the Marketplace. Could you help me find the correct manual ? Thanks.
You  can get the Goliath in Explorer's Guide to Wildemount and in Mordenkainen Presents: Monsters of the Multiverse.

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As a bit of backstory, the Elemental Evil Player's Guide was distributed as a free publication by Wizards of the Coast, but was still a copyrighted work. Although it was never charged for, this did mean that it could not be legally reproduced or adapted by third parties. This also happened with the Genasi. Both of these had to wait for later publications to be adapted. The Goliath was published in Volo's Guide to Monsters, but that book was discontinued and deprecated by WotC, and thus is no longer available in the Marketplace. It can be found in the publications  Dr. DM  cites, and these newer publications have improved (in my opinion as the player of a goliath) the writeup,
Thank you very much for the kind answer and the "lore" behind it. Very fascinating. Have a nice day.