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Copy game not copying all the characters

I'm attempting to copy a game to use as a template for future campaigns, when I do the copy is missing some of the character sheets (both pc and npc) are missing from the journal of the copy. Oddly, when I tried to compare the games by opening the transmogrifier, the missing sheets appear in both games.
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Hi Angelo! That is indeed mysterious. Have you checked in the game where they are missing to see if they have somehow become archived? Also, if you have a token on any map that represents that character, can you open the sheet through the the right click menu on the token?

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Hi Angelo,  Were the Characters linked to the Characters website feature  (formerly Character Vault)   by their players or created in-game by their players via the +Character button?  I am wondering if the new Characters website feature (formerly Character Vault) is preventing them from being copied.  Edit: It appears this may be part of a more widespread issue, there are other reports popping up. P lease file a bug report with the Devs via the  Help Center  so that they can track this issue. 
Hi Keith,  No, the missing characters' tokens are no longer linked to the characters, and there is nothing archived in the game.
Hi Gauss,  The characters were all either pulled from my compendium or created in the original game. I'll file a bug report via the linked form, thanks for the pointer.

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I just ran into the same issue. The character sheets are still in the library but aren't being displayed. If you go to a token, you can still assign a token to a character sheet. Any current tokens already assigned to the character sheet become disconnected after copying the game though.
Thanks Vergil, I'll try that. Though to be honest there are a lot of pages in this game and I'm not in a super rush to have it working so I'm hoping the good folks at roll20 will be able to fix the issue.
Having this issue as well... Thanks for taking a look into it.
Am encountering a similar error. We are playing an Epic tonight, so i made 6 copies of the master game, one for each GM. Now we see that some NPCs do not show up in the Journal, however they can be opened by double clicking a token.
I got a message for my ticket early in the afternoon (EST) of Feb 14th saying a fix had been pushed. I'm no longer able to reproduce the issue. (Sorry for the delay reporting it, been a crazy work week)