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Need help in advance nesting using drop down system (Roll20 Macro)

Hi there and good day, Currently I am trying to get nested/multiple drop down using macro and have been following the guide from here . I am using the 5E character sheet and I wanted to get all checks under a drop down system and so far with the guide, I manage to get up to here from the picture So basically I will have a macro on the character sheet with the macro bar tick, and once click on the macro option, the drop down list will pop up as the picture above.  Currently facing some difficulty at the final section where when I click on, let's say Strength Save. It will either prompt error or does not display the correct result. I'll show you the two method I did below 1. Click on drop down to display result This is the first method I try and currently I am facing this issue where it is not correctly displaying the expected result. The code | Saving Throw, ?{Select Saves|           Strength Save,  @{Etu Ubowhef|strength_save_roll} |          Dexterity Save, [[1d20]] |   // Not yet implement  Result on chat: and if I use this code method instead @{wtype}&{template:simple} {{rname=^{strength-save-u}}} {{mod=@{strength_save_bonus}}} {{r1=[[@{d20}+@{strength_save_bonus}@{pbd_safe}]]}} {{always=1}} {{r2=[[@{d20}+@{strength_save_bonus}@{pbd_safe}]]}} {{global=@{global_save_mod}}} @{charname_output} The result  (I did replacing some section to follow the format like in previous result above) : The @{character_name} should be character_output. I was hardcoding to do some testing. Expected result: I could hard code it manually but then I will have to change it manually everytime a level up occur that affects the modifier. 2. Method of creating a separate template This is my current alternative where once the selected option is selected, it will display like this below Here is the code part | Saving Throw, ?{Select Saves|           Strength Save,  /w DM &{template:npcaction} {{rname=Strength Saving Throw}} {{description=[Strength Save](~StrengthSave)}} | This is another section of the character sheet macro I am referencing on Here is current result once I click on the Strength Save button on the chat Expected result is able to roll the strength save. I am a free player so if any suggestion with API or mods will not work I tried these two method above and both have issue at the end. I would like to get some help in either one way and if you all have another new method, I am all ears. Thank you in advance for the help and if you need extra info, I will provide.
<a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> I have a similar explanation there, but basically the issue is that for each layer of nesting you have to use compounding html entities. The rolls that you are trying to call on the last step are being output in the first step (I think - I didn’t look at your code that closely).&nbsp; Instead I strongly suggest using a chat menu approach, such as my&nbsp; D&amp;D 5E Universal Statblock Macro Mule . It does not require a Mod script, so for a free player you can either use one of your three character imports into your game, or copy and paste the Attributes and Abilities manually.&nbsp;

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I'll give it a try and let you know&nbsp;
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I second Jarren's statement. Don't use Queries that are nested too deeply, especially not that deeply if you can avoid it.&nbsp; With that said, if you want to do exactly that, you (or your GM if you are a player) can upgrade to a Pro account (for 1 month), use the Mod (API Script) called Token Action Maker. It does almost exactly what you are trying to do. Then you can copy the Ability macros that Token Action Maker makes and use them.&nbsp; Alternately, use Jarren's Chat Menu approach. It is the much less painful option.&nbsp;
Ok... I got the drop down working based on your (Jerren's) guide. Thanks. As for the Chat Menu. I actually did use that technic during my first GM campaign 2 years ago, although yours is like 100x better. I will definitely will give it a try on this campaign as well. Thank you again both of you.&nbsp;