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[LFP] Monday 9PM EST -D&D 5e- Shadow of the Dragonlance (Promotion $40 4 4 sessions)


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Looking for a game can be really crazy right now. Not enough DMs and too many players. and offer free games in their lfg sections but still a lot of applicants. If you want to skip waiting for a game I know multiple dungeon masters with different time slots that fit what you are looking for. It's about the price of a movie ticket and the folks I know always make them 3 hours and make sure everyone is included and provide all the books. Right now i'm offering&nbsp; 12 hours of tailored dungeons and dragons for $40 temporary rate to join one of my already pre-existing campaigns. Currently recruiting 3 for my Monday game at&nbsp; 9 PM EST. #Morddyn on discord or email at <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> Shadow of the Dragonlance Game played: &nbsp;Shadow of the Dragon Queen- Set in the fantastical world of Kryyn. Date: &nbsp;Mondays 9 PM EST Game type:&nbsp; voice and audio How many:&nbsp; &nbsp;3 open spots right now Duration:&nbsp; Three hours minimum, four hours maximum (Totally fine to cut early or stay later to finalize things) Content: &nbsp;I perform a mix of puzzle, RP and combat at beginning at session 0. Not everyone wants the same thing for a game and part of my process is to add homebrew content to create the world that fits your party and no one else. Game is focused on advanced combat mechanics to create memorable battle experiences.&nbsp;&nbsp; This campaign has a more lean focus to roleplay and dynamic combat. A homebase is provided and a large governing body gives resources to the players. Payer backgrounds are tied in to provided additional support. Extra NPCs can be either brought as hirelings or provide boosts to players. Making allys provide great roleplay and boosts throughout fights. Making enemies provides additional combat encounters and loot. Cost:&nbsp; Nothing session 0 is free and if you miss it or are joining later then first session is free. There are a lot of poor paid games out there and I want you to feel safe with where you spend your money and see if this is the right group/DM for you. Reguler games will be $20 a sesssion. If you can not make a full three hour session then a discount will be applied for your time What you need:&nbsp; The ability to create a roll20 account, paypall, and a dndbeyond account if we make our sheets on dndbeyond. A charectar concept What will be at session 0:&nbsp; I hope to have charectars made before session 0 so what we will be doing is discussing content of the campaign and then immdietly jumping into the campaign to introduce new players to mechanics, allow vets to dnd try out some challenges, and introduce combat and the new mechanic this campaign brings.&nbsp; within a crystal sphere long separated by the mystical weave lays the world of Krynn. It has been 6000 years since the the gods have cursed the world with a cataclysm destroying magic and dropping the heavens into the earth. Magic since then has become a mystical legend not unlike our own but still quite real for those daring enough to search. Entire societies are dedicated to polciing and protecting it but not all have gone well with the war for power. Dark lords have risen and fallen, dragon armies ride to conquest only to be pushed back by daring heroes. today I invite you to be one of those heroes. The small town of Vogler has earned it's freedom from the kingdom of Solamnia and settled to the border of the northern wastes. On top of an ancient steel bridge over the Vingaard river an almost 20 mile wide raging river. The party arrives to pay respect to a hero who has fallen and join the festivities as they celebrate the anniversary of their freedom war. But all is not well. An army stirs to the north and a dark lord thought forgotten in 6000 years has returned. The people of Vogler need a hero, nay the world needs a hero. They do not need to be just, mighty, smart, or lucky but brave and tenacious is all the people ask for. Why Shadow of the Dragonqueen? We chose it because dragons, evil wizards, epic fantasy wars, and amazing cast to expand upon.&nbsp; All these things are the staple of fantasy that everyone grew up with. If you like experiences like Berserk, Record of the Loddoss war, Lords of the Ring, World of warcraft then you will enjoy my production of SotDQ.&nbsp; You are provided a central homebase to explore and charectars that not only embody fantastical but push players into it's directions. Greedy wizards who lust for knowledge, powerful nobles who need help maintaining a balance between citizen and magic. Dragons good and evil all waiting to strike a deal. (Shadowrun classic never make a deal with a dragon). Magic is considered rare to the world and so is the multiverse but i translate that to the people not the players. You can be as fantastical as you want to be and create your own origin. This is a land where folks live in magic talking mushrooms, a tower has had a lich knight for over 6000 years cursed to exist until the last person dies. One of the original quest npcs from the books is a wizard literally made of golden bones.&nbsp; Sky is the limit and I love no limits Well thank you for hearing me out. Hope to see you at the upcoming show. We'll hold a seat for you, good night roll20.&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> This game will require payment to the Game Master at a rate of $10 per session for 4 sessions through paypal. After which &nbsp;it will be $15 per session through paypal. Roll20 is not responsible for any payment transactions and cannot enforce any private arrangements.

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Or send me a private message here on roll20 as well Your name: Your Discord username: Campaign you are looking for: time and day: Your online D&amp;D experience:&nbsp; Your overall D&amp;D experience:&nbsp; Do you understand that this game costs $15 (USD) per session per player paid through PayPal (Temporary promotion 4 session for $40+free Session 1) What are you looking for in a gaming experience? Tell me a little bit about your proposed character, such as race and class. (It's alright if you don't know.)
Two Spots remaining!
Last monday our Bard made a fantastic first impression at their first session. The party captured a traitor mercenary and found out that an unknow individual paid them to turn on the village they were sworn to protect. Infiltrating the camp they managed to get on good terms with the remaining loyal mercenaries and found the spot the captured traitor told them their boss would meet with a shadowy figure.&nbsp; Following the path the figure would of taken with some tracking skills they happened among a cliffside. From there they spotted a full military camp of thousands of Red Dragon army soldiers. They tried to sneak up for a closer look but caught the attention of a roaming patrol. Unbeknownst to them the patrol snuck up close enough to start an engagement. The party successful in defeating the patrol managed to bring back a dragon army soldier to question.&nbsp;
We are currently one wizard, war cleric and bard