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My Characters section issue

How do I remove characters from the My Characters section, without also deleting them from the game table they are in? For example in the Image, how do I remove Alba from the My Characters section, without also deleting her from the Humblewood game she is in? 

Edited 1708231499
Forum Champion
Hi Matt,  As I understand it, the intent of "Characters" is to be a living link to your characters in games. As such I don't think there is a way to separate them once they are linked.  If the intent is to just store Characters in a repository I believe the Character Vault is what you may want to use for that.  With all of that said, Characters is still very much a work in progress. I suggest posting feedback regarding the Characters feature in the Characters thread .

Edited 1708249916
Gauss, you are right BUT since "Characters" is going to replace the old Character Vault, there SHOULD be an option LATER (if they finish implementing it) to choose if you want to LINK it to a game or just COPY / MOVE it into the game. With both options, the character should remain inside Characters and not be deleted or otherwise removed!

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Forum Champion
At this point I wouldn't lay any bets on whether or not Character Vault is going to be gone as Characters may or may not replace Character Vault. It is becoming apparent that they both serve different needs. That is why Character Vault has made its way back to Tools.  In any case there is nothing I can do about all of that. As usual, please direct your feedback to the Devs either via the Help Center  or via the Characters development thread . 
Fingers crossed the Vault remains, have posted in the thread you linked, and provided feedback, fingers crossed it makes a difference!