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[LFP] [Savage Worlds] [Sundays; 6:30pm; US Central Time] Putting together a group to play a Fantasy Spaghetti Western campaign

US Central time (GMT -6); Sunday evenings at 6:30pm. Currently have a Human priest, a Tiefling vixen, and a Half-Giant bruiser. Would like one (but might possible except two) additional Player-Characters before the campaign starts. Campaign will be in episodic format rather than a lengthy story (each session should be similar to  a self-contained Wild West TV show ). This is a Fantasy Spaghetti Western-themed game (think Kobold banditos, Goblin bank robbers, Orc gunslingers, etc.). Six-Shooters and Magic, Elves and Orcs, and Monsters and Dungeons, etc. Must be reliable and also a team player. Would like to start next Sunday (February 25th). In the first session, characters will be new prospects to join the Pinkerton Adventurer Agency (think your typical fantasy adventurer guild like in a lot of anime/manga with a ranking system, quests, bounties, etc.) and will have to pass an examination to become actual members). If interested in being one  of the recruits, explain your interest and what sort of character you might like to play. Just think D&D fantasy style races mixed with Wild West tropes, but the system is Savage Worlds Adventure Edition (not D&D). Will also be using SWADE Fantasy Companion (for fantasy stuff) as well as Deadlands (for wild west stuff).
I have played a few games of Deadlands, Savage Rifts, Savage Supers and Savage Pathfinders.  Id be interested if you got room, I sorta would want to play some kind of Gunslinger but maybe depending on what races are available, if a wizard/gunslinger-gunmage would work out.

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Sounds intriguing. I like the idea of episodic format. I also am a fan of urban fantasy and noir type of stuff (I backed the Deadlands Noir KS). SW is something I have followed for years and tried to support but rarely had the chance to play. I have the SWADE core book, and the more recent player's book (got PDF but waiting on my physical copy still), in addition to some older pdfs and books like Deadlands Noir and Accursed. I like supernatural sorts of characters, and tend towards the close combat action style characters. For example, in Pathfinder I am playing a  created Flesh warp Monk, basically a Frankenstein's monster type of character. I tend to prefer monstrous types over more typical fantasy races, if available.  Anyway, if you need another, feel free to let me know, but it's fine if not.  Edit: Looks like not. Good luck. Bowing out, seems like you are all set, and I would rather not be a last minute addition. 

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This is not really a horror-game, unlike Deadlands, but rather a fantasy game with wild west themes. I'm not interested in any supernatural  player  characters, or unliving things. There are a few other things that I am uninterested in as well. So no Androids, Golems, Graveborn, Insectoids, or other unliving/undead/creepy types. The party is now 4 characters strong: a Human Priest who can use Miracles, a Tiefling Vixen armed with a six-shooter, a Half-Giant Bruiser armed with a club (but who plans to buy a gun later when he get some money), and a Catfolk Chi Master Monk. I am willing to accept a 5th player if I like your character concept, but time is short. So if anyone is interested in that 5th spot, now is the time to make your pitch.  I am only looking for  reliably and team players.
Today is the final day of recruiting for a fifth player, as they campaign begins tomorrow evening. If you are interested   in joining this adventuring posse , respond with a proposed adventurer concept now.
Recruiting is now closed. Party is now five players strong and first session is tonight. Thank you.
Man, that sounds like fun. I'm sorry I'm too late to join. I used to play dead lands at the conventions..