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Table output - URGENT help required.

Greetings. I am losing my mind over this...I am NOT using the RecursiveTable API. I have the following table item executed by a macro: shorter than average, standing [[46+1d4cs&gt;5cf&lt;0]] inches tall, The output is NOT calculating a value, it is just displaying it as:&nbsp;<span class="inlinerollresult showtip tipsy-n-right" original-title="Rolling 1t[cgdwarffemaleheight] = ( shorter than average, standing [[46+1d4cs>5cf<0]] inches tall, )" style="box-sizing: content-box; outline: none; background-color: rgb(254, 246, 142); border: 2px solid rgb(254, 246, 142); padding: 0px 3px; font-weight: 700; cursor: help; font-size: 1.1em; color: rgb(64, 64, 64); text-align: right;">shorter than average, standing [[46+1d4cs&gt;5cf&lt;0]] inches tall, &nbsp; Can anyone see the problem here? Thanks in advance Ray
Forum Champion
Hi Ray,&nbsp; Tables cannot perform calculations without help from a Mod (API Script).&nbsp;
Sheet Author
API Scripter
To explain, anything in a table is just text. So stuff that would be a roll when entered into chat is not a roll in table text. If you want to treat that as a roll, I'd recommend using RecursiveTable - situations like this is the main reason it exists.
Thanks guys, I figured that was the case. I am setting this up for a friend's account who does not have a Pro subscription.
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Ray,&nbsp; I just realized that your calculation is so small that a table can still do it, in a different way:&nbsp; Create the table as normal, then add these four items in the table, each with equal weighting.&nbsp; Table item #1: shorter than average, standing 47 inches tall Table item #2: shorter than average, standing 48 inches tall Table item #3: shorter than average, standing 49 inches tall Table item #4: shorter than average, standing 50 inches tall 46+1 46+2 46+3 and 46+4

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@Gauss ahhh...of course, I didn't think of that. Although, some of the table items involve multiple dice, so this solution will be complicated....still workable though :)