DRAKKENHEIM IS NO MORE. On that fateful evening, an eldritch storm of falling stars ravaged the city, leaving behind a meteorite with lasting consequences. Now, fifteen years later, Drakkenheim stands as a desolate urban wasteland, tainted by otherworldly magic and plagued by monstrous creatures. Within its ruins, adventurers can find incredible riches, forgotten knowledge, and powerful artifacts awaiting those bold or foolish enough to explore. However, even those who manage to survive the perils of Drakkenheim may not emerge unscathed from its horrors! Hello, I'm tobyzoey. I have been DMing D&D 5e games for the past 8 years. Currently, I am looking to run a long-term campaign called "Dungeons of Drakkenheim," which is a dark-renaissance exploration/survival campaign. I will be utilizing resources from said book and "Sebastian Crowe’s Guide to Drakkenheim" adventure/setting books. In this campaign, characters will embark on dangerous expeditions into monster-filled ruins, haunted streets, decrepit gardens, shattered mage towers, baroque cathedrals, and ancient castles. Their objective will be to plunder treasure, solve mysteries, and navigate the city of Drakkenheim. Along the way, they may form alliances or make enemies with rival factions vying for power within the city. They will also face otherworldly horrors, undead creatures, mutated monstrosities, and terrifying abominations spawned by a mysterious meteor. However, it's crucial to understand the dangers and challenges that await, as survival is not guaranteed in this city. I'm seeking individuals who value friendship, collaboration, and teamwork, and are ready to delve into the rich world of relationships, struggles, and conflicts that their characters will encounter over the course of the campaign. This game is to be friendly to marginalized groups, and we will discuss lines and veils during Session Zero, but note references to the following are common in this adventure: - Violence, murder, blood, gore, cannibalism, and body horror. - Degenerative mutations that cause physical disfigurement and madness/insanity. - Rats, spiders, insects, demons, undead, ghosts, and other monsters. - Natural disasters, large-scale loss of life, civil war, displaced persons, and refugees. - Moral ambiguity, social/political manipulation, religious zealotry, and military nationalism. Players generate ability scores by the point buy system, use Tahsa's variant rule for racial ability score increases, and always take the average on hit point increases on level up. To apply, send me a direct message including your name, preferred pronouns, experience with DnD, and some information about yourself as a player, such as likes and dislikes, and the types of characters you prefer. I will then reach out to potential players with follow-up questions or interviews.