Hey folks! I'm looking for a player to fill the spot in my DnD game! It's a homebrew setting I've put a lot of time and care toward so if you like fun in depth settings, you'll love this one! The party is 4th level (soon to be 5th) and is investigating a demon cult. We're pretty early on still, so don't worry about having missed too much, there's still plenty of time. The group is super friendly and welcoming. Also, if homebrew is your jam, I'm your gal because I love homebrewing items and fun stuff for my players <3. So far we have: Dragonborn Barbarian/Warlock, a Human Inventor (Kibbles Tasty homebrew), Tabaxi Fiend Warlock, and a Dwarf Life Cleric So if you're interested follow the link to the listing! We're not playing this week because I have some obligations, but that just means more time for you to get acclimated! Game Time! If you have any questions either post them here or send me a DM! Look forward to hearing from folks <3