Traverse The Wild! You stand on pastel shores looking at vibrant forests. The Wild. A zone of chaotic magic and fey influence that is barely explored and even less understood. You are about to throw yourselves into the forces of Farsooth standing on the edge of the Wild. Farsooth’s Barrier, as it is lovingly referred to, is home mercenaries and scholars of many fields, yourselves included. Fairytold is going to be an RP heavy campaign of mystery with an emphasis on exploration. The Wild is a land to be explored and you will have to delve through various locales to uncover the truth. It is a dangerous place, where mistakes have consequences, but remember, you won't have to always fight through each obstacle. You will be encouraged to use creativity and be rewarded for making your specialties work when needed. Roleplay between players is is highly encouraged! &nbsp;Sign Up Now!&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> What to Expect Fairytold is a brand-new full homebrew campaign created by DM Jurian set in "The Wild". Together you'll weave an intricate tale of mystery! Be prepared for the chance to RP as never before as you explore this rich land and fight dangers never seen before! DM Jurian is a master-class world builder who brings both the serious and fun aspects of D&amp;D together to create an unforgettable experience. Be prepared to engage in every aspect of D&amp;D, all melded together into a story unlike any other! Meet Your DM! At 14, I experienced a single session of D&amp;D 3.5. I was much too young to DM correctly. Yet, I continued trying. First with my brother’s friend groups and, eventually, with my own ones. I’ve explored systems and worlds and still craft new ones to this day, over 10 years later. D&amp;D 5e came into my life during quite a confusing time, and it served as a powerful medium to channel my creativity. It is where I finally completed my first campaign as a DM. What an explosive conclusion it was! It made every effort worth it. It is with that experience that I’ve come into my style of DMing that focuses on cooperative storytelling. I want to be able to create a canvas to be detailed for and by players. If you wish to build a character focused on ghosts, then let’s develop the spiritual realm of the world! A bounty hunter with underworld connections? Time to make that underworld! You make my worlds much better with your insight. In terms of subjects, I share a lot of themes with the cosmic horror genre, but with a twist that I wish to allow humanity to be able to face the threats that are supposed to be far beyond our reach. Bittersweet but hopeful stories. I would be more than happy to welcome you within those tales. Please note that this is a paid game at a rate of $15 for the session. Roll20 is not responsible for any payment transactions and cannot enforce any private arrangements.