It's Time to Drink! Tired and thirsty after a long week of adventuring? Need a place to put your boots and a mug in your hands? Well look no further! The Drunken Dragon is the place for you! With drinking, dancing, fighting, games, and drinking, it's the perfect place to recharge after a grueling dungeon! Join in any one of our min-games, order a specialty drink and regale other of your daring deeds. It's always a "party" in Drinking &amp; Dragons with DM Lytha What is Drinking &amp; Dragons? The Drunken Dragon Tavern hosts monthly events where any player can join in and enjoy a night of silly fun. With mini-games like Pie Eating contests and Arm Wrestling, you can win money and random fun items that can be carried over into any of DM Lytha's campaigns. But be careful! Any money lost also carries over! It's a night of fun, gambling, fighting and of course drinking! In this Adult Only tavern, we not only encourage imbibing, we have a special selection of D&amp;D cocktail recipes for anyone to (legally) try! But remember, don't get too rowdy or The Wench will throw you out herself! So come join in on a night of fun, laughter, and of course drinking! Sign up today:&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> Please remember to keep it civil; slurs, bigotry, sexism, or racism of any kind will not be tolerated! Any sexual harassment towards another player or DM will result in an instant kick from the session and ban from future games! Please refrain from discussing real world religion and politics! Meet Your DM! Hi I’m Lytha! I’m an avid gamer who loves to play games in any form, and fell in love with D&amp;D back in 3.5e (we don’t talk about 4e)! During COVID we swapped to Roll20 and I decided to try and give DMing another go since I had a lot more free time. Since then I have been consistently running 2 campaigns, one of which is a full homebrew campaign, silly arena one shots and a yearly fun holiday one shot. Since joining Elite Adventures I've had so much fun that I am now running new 2 full homebrew campaigns, with one shots every now and then to mix it up! I focus making making that every game is unique to each group, where even the smallest decision can have an impact on the rest of the game! I use inside jokes, custom maps, NPCs, spell templates and magic items tailored for each group, and player, to make sure that my players are getting the best experience they can, no matter their previous gaming experience! I truly believe that it’s the players that tell the story and it’s my job to bring that story to life! I welcome all at my table and make it a safe place for any and everyone! So grab your dice and let’s dive into a world of your own making! Please note that this is a paid game at a rate of $20 for the session. Roll20 is not responsible for any payment transactions and cannot enforce any private arrangements.