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Magic-Surge Table, Triggers on 1D100

Hello there, at first sorry for my bad english. in my new campaing there is Wild Magic all over the Place and it happens to anybody who cast a spell with 30%. So what i want to do now is Having a Macro or Something to Roll 1D100. If the result is 30 or lower it should trigger the wild magic table and post the result in the chat. Can someone give me some ideas or help for that :) ? Thanks!
Forum Champion
Hi A B.,  Create two tables:  First table should be named: 0WildMagic It should have one item in it labelled: No Wild Magic Second table should be named: 1WildMagic It should have your wild magic table options.  Next, the macro:  &{template:default} {{name=Wild Magic}} {{Wild Magic check=[[1t[[[{1d100}<30]]WildMagic]]]}} If 1d100 is higher than 30, it will print out "No Wild Magic" If 1d100 is lower than or equal to 30 it will print out the results of the Wild Magic table. 
Thank you very Much! Exactly what i want :) Merci!