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Clever ideas for managing polymorph attack forms?

I'm just curious if anyone has ever come up with a clever way to deal with wildly different attack routines based on ploymorph spells. In my case I have a character that can turn into a troll for claw/claw/bite, turn into a gargoyle for sword/claw/bite/horns, a medusa for sword/bite/bite/bite/bite/bite etc.  All my different forms have different attack types, different damages, different numbers of limbs, etc.  It's a lot to build on the fly, but building out all the different forms makes a HUGE weapons list. I'm just curious if anyone has found a clever way to manage this.
Take a look at the Mod script: D&D 5E - WildShape It is in the one-click Mod library.
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Without the Pro account I suggest setting up the various creatures in advance in a folder in the Journal tab.  The player drags the desired creature out as needed.