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LFP for a VERY Homebrew 5e Game, Kelrym, playing every Saturday 17:00-21:00 GMT +0

Looking for 1 Player for a ongoing homebrew, long term campaign, the party is currently level 6 and looking to go all the way to level 20. When: Saturday 17:00-21:00 GMT+0 Style of play: Kelrym is a combat and roleplay heavy campaign, with engaging difficult combat in session, roleplay between characters, and text roleplay between sessions as an additional (pc to pc, pc to npc). The campaign uses homebrew monsters and items and has a heavy focus on plot and character development as well as exploration and discovering the rich history and lore in its homebrew world of Kelrym. There is a lot of use in homebrew items,feats,creatures and even subclasses and races, and im willing to work with people on either incorporating a homebrew subclass they would like to try, or even write them a unique subclass or race to fit the theme they wish to go for as long as it fits into the session. Kelrym is a world amidst war. The golden dragon Velym has invaded the land, taking it piece by piece with her army of zealous fanatics. She seeks to stamp out all magic, and all those who wield it are branded as heretics to be purged in her holy crusade. Strange dreams have called a band of adventurers to each other and set them in motion to liberate Kelrym's lands from Velym's cruel claws. Will you be one of them? The party is level 6 and currently consists of a Paladin, a bard, a sorcerer and a cleric. If interested please add me on Discord at Zylithe, or here. =)
Hey Sheldon, It's been a while since I've played in a homebrew world, sounds interesting. Time and day fits for me, feel free to look up my profile and DM me if you want to know more ;oP ~Neo
Sheldon pick me pick me!!! This is the campaign ive been looking for i love homebrew and long campaigns