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Script help request


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Hi, I am currently trying to write a random weather generating script that breaks weather down into 4 different time zones and season. so that the weather can progress throughout a day adding a touch of variability and flavour to a game. and I have most of it working, the script happily reports the weather for individual time zones (Morning, Afternoon, Evening and Night) and is generated through a couple of menus. but there was an added functionality that I wanted, which was for the script to report a full days weather with a single button press. This buttons functionality is basically to simulate pressing all 4 of the time zone buttons in sequence and report the days weather... but for the life of me I can't get it to post anything in the chat. If anybody has any advice / can point me in the right direction it would be much appreciated. the code is in the comments. (It's quite long so had to be split between several posts, it wouldn't let me post it all in one go.) Thanks in advance, Aaron
var WeatherSystem = WeatherSystem || (function() { 'use strict'; var offSeasonChance = 5; // 5% chance for off-season weather var magicalWeatherChance = 5; // 5% chance for magical weather var seasons = ["Spring", "Summer", "Autumn", "Winter"]; var timesOfDay = ["Morning", "Afternoon", "Evening", "Night", "All day weather"]; var weatherDetails = { Spring: { Morning: [ "Cool, fresh air with a promise of warmth; dawn's light filters through blossoming trees.", "Gentle breeze carries the fragrance of blooming flowers; leaves whisper, birds call.", "Dew-laden grass sparkles under a soft golden hue; a symphony of awakening birds.", "Insects buzz lazily; the earth releases a rich, earthy aroma, moist and alive.", "Sunrise brings a blush of pink and orange; the world awakens in a gentle glow.", "A light mist envelops the landscape, slowly lifting to reveal the vibrant greens of spring.", "Birdsongs fill the air, a natural melody welcoming the day; the breeze is cool and refreshing.", "The first rays of sun warm the dewy earth, casting long shadows of ancient oaks.", "Crisp morning air filled with the scent of pine and fresh grass, invigorating the senses.", "A soft, lilac-scented breeze dances through the trees, heralding the day's beginning.", "Blossoms dew-kissed and radiant, unfurling to greet the sun's first touch.", "The gentle rustling of leaves as the wind whispers secrets of the coming day.", "The chorus of crickets fades as daylight spreads, a tranquil transition from night to day.", "Cool shadows retreat as sunlight claims the countryside, painting everything in vibrant hues.", "A delicate frost melts away, revealing tender new growth beneath; the cycle of renewal.", "The air tingles with the anticipation of rain, bringing life to the waking world.", "Sunbeams pierce through the morning mist, illuminating hidden glades in golden light.", "The soft murmur of a nearby brook complements the peaceful morning ambiance.", "Chill in the air fades as sunlight bathes the land, promising warmth and growth.", "The subtle crackle of frost giving way underfoot, a sign of the season's change.", "Morning dew glistens on spiderwebs, turning them into jeweled nets in the sunlight.", "A kaleidoscope of flowers opens, their colors a vivid contrast against the green.", "Birds flutter and chirp, busy in their morning routines; the air vibrates with life.", "A faint floral perfume fills the air, a blend of wildflowers and new blooms.", "The gentle clatter of leaves, a testament to the night's passing storms.", "Early rays cast a serene glow, awakening the hidden hues of the landscape.", "The whisper of grass underfoot, moistened by night's embrace, ready for the day.", "A serene quiet, broken only by the soft sounds of nature stirring awake.", "Morning's first light turns the sky a soft blue, clear and limitless.", "The sun's ascent warms the chill, wrapping the world in a comforting embrace.", "A soft haze lingers over fields, slowly revealing the vibrant life beneath.", "The world seems to pause, basking in the tranquil beauty of dawn's light.", "A brisk wind carries the promise of a sunny day, refreshing and invigorating.", "Nature's palette is bright and fresh, each leaf and petal dripping with dew.", "The subtle shift from twilight to daylight, a daily rebirth of the world.", "Butterflies begin their dance, flirting with blossoms in the gentle morning light.", "The freshness of the air is palpable, carrying the essence of spring's promise.", "Shadows retreat as the landscape brightens, welcoming the day with open arms.", "A symphony of bird calls heralds the new day, a natural celebration of light.", "The earth, wet from dawn's kiss, releases scents of mud and greenery.", "Sunlight filters through the branches, creating patterns of light and shadow on the path.", "The calm of the morning is a canvas for the day's potential, untouched and pure.", "A soft glow envelops everything, the magic of the morning light transforming the ordinary.", "Trees sway gently in the morning's breath, a dance of shadows and whispers.", "Bees venture out, drawn by the warmth and the promise of nectar.", "The world awakens in a wash of color, every hue brighter, every scent sharper.", "A serene stillness, as if nature itself holds its breath in the beauty of dawn.", "The transition from night to day is a quiet miracle, witnessed by few.", "Morning's chill recedes as the sun's rays spread, a gentle awakening of the land.", "Each morning is a fresh beginning, the world reborn in light and color." ], Afternoon: [ "Sun high in the sky bathes the land in a warm, golden glow; blossoms vibrant under its rays.", "A gentle breeze carries the scent of new growth, rustling leaves in a soothing melody.", "Shadows of clouds drift lazily across the landscape, offering brief moments of shade.", "The air, warm and sweet, filled with the buzz of bees as they flit from flower to flower.", "Light dances on the surface of streams, the water's song mingling with birds' calls.", "Butterflies in a riot of colors dance in the light, celebrating the day's warmth.", "The sun filters through the canopy, creating a tapestry of light and shadow on the forest floor.", "Flowers tilt their heads towards the sun, basking in its warmth, their colors a vivid display.", "A distant rumble of thunder hints at a spring shower, the air charged with anticipation.", "Leaves whisper secrets to the wind, a natural symphony that swells in the warm air.", "The earth releases its fragrances, a blend of petrichor and floral scents, enriching the atmosphere.", "A hawk circles overhead, its shadow fleeting over the open fields, a master of the sky.", "The warmth of the sun on your skin, a gentle embrace that speaks of summer's approach.", "Frogs croak rhythmically in ponds, a bass line to the afternoon's serene melody.", "Clouds gather in whimsical shapes, a canvas for the imagination, constantly reshaped by the breeze.", "A lazy cat sprawls in the sunlight, embodying the contentment of a perfect spring day.", "The vibrant green of new leaves almost glows under the bright afternoon sun.", "Dappled sunlight on a path invites exploration, each step revealing the magic of spring.", "A soft rustling as creatures move through underbrush, the land alive with activity.", "The faint smell of a distant rainstorm mingles with the earthy scent of the forest.", "Sunbeams break through the branches, illuminating moss-covered stones and ancient runes.", "The chatter of squirrels breaks the calm, a playful disruption in the tranquil afternoon.", "A patchwork of shadows and light on the ground, cast by ancient, whispering trees.", "Birds swoop and dive in the clear sky, their freedom an enchanting spectacle.", "A brief shower leaves droplets on leaves, sparkling like diamonds in the sun's embrace.", "The crackle of dry leaves underfoot, a reminder of the cycle of life and rebirth.", "A symphony of colors as flowers sway, each bloom a note in the landscape's melody.", "The gentle flow of a river, its cool waters a mirror reflecting the sky's vastness.", "A soft, warm wind carries the promise of evening, whispering tales of the night to come.", "The hum of insects is a steady background, a testament to the afternoon's warmth.", "Shadows begin to lengthen, drawing out the day's end, a gradual farewell to the sun.", "A sense of peace pervades, the world in harmony under the gentle rule of spring.", "The occasional flap of bird wings punctuates the stillness, a reminder of life's constant motion.", "Sunlit clearings beckon, islands of warmth and light amidst the cool shade of the woods.", "The distant sound of laughter, human and sprite alike, enjoying the day's beauty.", "Grasses sway gently, a sea of green rippling under the touch of the breeze.", "The warmth intensifies the fragrances of the land, a natural perfume that soothes the soul.", "A feeling of languidness in the air, inviting all to slow down and savor the moment.", "Clouds tinted with the late afternoon sun, a prelude to the colors of dusk.", "The occasional buzz of a passing bee, diligent in its work, adds to the idyllic scene.", "Vines creep slowly over ancient ruins, nature reclaiming what was once hers.", "The soft cooing of doves, a serene soundtrack to the lazy afternoon.", "Pollen drifts on the air, tiny messengers of life, unseen but vital to the landscape.", "A canopy of leaves filters the sunlight, casting everything in a soft, verdant glow.", "The occasional drop of water from a recent shower falls from above, a cool surprise.", "Shade offers a respite from the sun's strength, a cool haven under leafy boughs.", "The earth feels warm to the touch, storing the sun's energy, a gift to the night.", "A sense of growth pervades, visible in every bud and leaf, an unstoppable force of nature." ], Evening: [ "The last golden rays of the sun dip below the horizon, casting a soft twilight glow.", "A cool breeze whispers through the trees, carrying the scent of blooming night flowers.", "Shadows lengthen, merging into the dusk, as the day's warmth lingers on the stone and earth.", "The chorus of evening crickets begins, a rhythmic song that heralds the night's arrival.", "Stars peek through the dimming sky, while the first notes of an owl's call echo in the distance.", "Lanterns light up, one by one, in the village, casting cozy glows on cobblestone paths.", "The air cools quickly, a crisp reminder of the fading Spring, as nightfall approaches.", "Dew begins to form on grass and leaves, glistening in the last light like tiny jewels.", "The silhouette of distant mountains turns ink-black against the twilight sky.", "A distant thunder rumbles, promising a refreshing night rain to nourish the awakening earth.", "Fireflies start their dance, tiny lights flickering in the darkening landscape.", "The moon, a slender crescent, casts a pale, enchanting light over fields and woods.", "A gentle hush falls over the land, as if nature itself pauses to rest and reflect.", "Evening mists rise from rivers and streams, shrouding the landscape in a veil of mystery.", "The scent of woodsmoke drifts from chimneys, mingling with the fresh, earthy aroma of Spring.", "Birds settle into their nests with soft chirps, a peaceful conclusion to the day's symphony.", "The last sunbeams filter through ancient trees, painting everything in a warm, amber hue.", "A sense of anticipation fills the air, the eve of magical occurrences and nocturnal wanderings.", "Faint sounds of a lute and laughter spill from an open tavern door, inviting and warm.", "Petals close on flowers as if tucking themselves in for the night, under the watchful eyes of stars.", "The vibrant colors of the day fade into soft pastels, a serene painting only Spring evenings offer.", "A refreshing chill descends, drawing folks closer to hearth and home, cherishing the day's end.", "Leaves rustle gently in the fading light, a whispered lullaby for the creatures of the night.", "The world softens around the edges, details blurring into the calm of the Spring evening.", "The sky, a canvas of purples and blues, slowly darkens as the celestial watch begins.", "Distant hills are cloaked in a soft blue haze, the boundary between earth and sky blurring.", "The last calls of daytime birds mingle with the emerging sounds of nocturnal life.", "Gardens become enchanted realms in the evening light, promising secret meetings and hidden paths.", "The cool touch of the evening air refreshes, as if washing away the remnants of the day.", "Ponds and lakes mirror the sky, turning into gateways to other worlds in the twilight.", "Orchards whisper with the movements of unseen creatures, the night's guardians taking their posts.", "The evening star shines bright, a beacon for travelers and dreamers alike.", "Windows glow softly in the dusk, each a tableau of life and warmth against the cool night.", "A final burst of birdsong celebrates the day's end, a natural ode to the cycle of time.", "Shadows play on the walls of buildings, ancient and new, as lanterns and candles are lit.", "A pause in the wind, a breathless moment, as day and night change guardianship.", "The first cool droplets of an evening shower tap gently on leaves and roofs, a rhythmic comfort.", "The scent of evening primrose fills the air, a nocturnal perfume that delights the senses.", "A cloak of tranquility settles over the countryside, the pace of life slowing to match the night's tempo.", "The rustling of small animals in the underbrush, a discreet hustle as the night shift begins.", "Paths and lanes, illuminated by moonlight and starlight, invite late strolls and whispered conversations.", "The crescent moon's reflection in a calm pond, a silver path that leads to dreams and beyond.", "A sense of peace pervades, as if the earth itself breathes out, content at the close of day.", "The silhouette of a lone traveler against the sunset, a figure of tales and adventures untold.", "Night's curtain draws close, woven from the last light and the first shadow, a seamless blend." ], Night: [ "The moon's silver light bathes the landscape, casting ethereal shadows among the whispering trees.", "Stars twinkle in a clear sky, their light a soft chorus illuminating the night's canvas.", "A gentle night breeze carries the scent of blooming flowers, mixing with the earthy aroma of the forest.", "The soft hoot of an owl punctuates the silence, a lone sentinel in the night's quietude.", "Fireflies flicker in the darkness, their dance a silent melody of light in the shadowy glades.", "The cool air is filled with the sound of rustling leaves, a natural lullaby for the creatures of the night.", "A distant thunder whispers of an approaching storm, the air charged with anticipation and the promise of rain.", "The moonlight reflects off a serene lake, creating a path of light that leads to mysteries untold.", "Faint clouds drift lazily across the moon, veiling and unveiling its light in a celestial dance.", "The night's calm is broken by the rustle of nocturnal creatures, their movements a secret life beneath the stars.", "A soft mist rises from the meadows, shrouding the land in a blanket of mystery and enchantment.", "The chill of the night air is tempered by the warmth of a nearby fire, its glow a beacon in the darkness.", "Stars seem to fall closer to earth, a tapestry of light woven against the backdrop of the night.", "The sound of a distant river is a constant murmur, a companion to the night's serene solitude.", "A light frost forms on the ground, crystals sparkling in the moonlight like scattered jewels.", "The silhouette of a castle looms on the horizon, its towers etched against the starry sky.", "The fragrance of night-blooming jasmine fills the air, a sweet reminder of the day's end.", "A night so clear, the Milky Way is visible, a river of stars guiding the dreams of the land's inhabitants.", "The echo of a wolf's howl rolls over the hills, a call that speaks of wildness and freedom.", "Shadows cast by the moon create patterns of light and dark, a silent language known only to the night.", "A soft dew settles on the land, each droplet reflecting the world in miniature under the moon's gaze.", "The whisper of the wind through the grass tells tales of ancient magic, heard only by those who listen.", "A sense of peace envelops the countryside, the world at rest under the watchful eyes of the night.", "The night sky's expanse invites contemplation, its vastness a reminder of the world's ageless mysteries.", "The gentle flicker of candlelight from a window, a sign of wakefulness in the realm of dreams.", "A shooting star arcs across the sky, a brief flash of wonder in the eternal night.", "The cool touch of night air feels alive, charged with the latent magic of spring.", "Leaves shimmer in the moonlight, as if dusted with silver, whispering secrets of the forest heart.", "The distant murmur of the sea blends with the night, a timeless lullaby for the coast's denizens.", "Orion's Belt stands guard in the sky, a celestial protector for the land's slumber.", "The croak of frogs from a pond, a chorus that celebrates the night's moisture and mystery.", "A sense of waiting fills the air, as if the night holds its breath for dawn's arrival.", "The land's contours are softened in the moonlight, a gentle rendering of hills and valleys.", "A barn owl glides silently, a ghostly presence in the search for its nocturnal prey.", "The taste of the night air is crisp and fresh, a palate cleanser for the soul.", "The night blooms with scents and sounds, an unseen garden of delights for the senses.", "A faint glow on the horizon heralds the approach of the moon, a nightly rebirth.", "The world seems to pause, a quiet moment suspended between the days, under the stars' gaze.", "Night's velvet cloak wraps the land, a protector that hides its charges in shadow and mystery.", "The faint brush of bat wings is a whisper in the dark, a fleeting touch of the night's creatures.", "A sense of magic lingers, palpable in the air, as if the night breathes stories and spells.", "The constellation of the Bear circles slowly, a celestial guide through the night's journey.", "A soft, glowing halo surrounds the moon, a crown for the night's queen in her skyward court.", "The rustle of small mammals in the underbrush, a nocturnal hustle beneath the moon's watch.", "Night's embrace is a balm, soothing the day's weariness, cradling the land in dreams.", "The clarity of the night sky offers a glimpse of infinity, a reminder of the world's wonders.", "A canopy of darkness, pierced by starlight, shelters the earth, a cosmic embrace of quiet strength." ] },
Summer: { Morning: [ "The early sun warms the dew-soaked earth, releasing a fresh, earthy scent into the air.", "Birdsong fills the air in a jubilant chorus as the world awakens to a bright, clear sky.", "A gentle breeze carries the sweet aroma of blooming flowers, mingling with the warmth of the sun.", "Sunlight filters through the leaves, casting dappled shadows and bathing the landscape in a soft glow.", "The air is alive with the buzz of insects, a testament to the day's promise of warmth and activity.", "A soft haze lingers over the fields, slowly dissipating under the morning sun's tender caress.", "The vibrant green of leaves and grass stands out against the deep blue of the early sky.", "Dew glistens on spider webs, turning them into jewelled masterpieces that adorn the morning.", "The gentle murmur of a nearby stream complements the peacefulness of the summer morning.", "A faint floral perfume permeates the air, a blend of wildflowers awakened by the sun's rays.", "The sun casts long, lazy shadows, a slow-motion dance that marks the beginning of the day.", "Butterflies flutter in the light, their wings catching the sun in flashes of colour.", "The warmth of the sun on your skin is a gentle reminder of the day's potential.", "A chorus of crickets slowly fades as daylight strengthens, a nightly serenade concluded.", "The sky, a canvas of pastel hues, gradually brightens to a brilliant azure.", "Morning dew sparkles like countless tiny diamonds scattered across the grass.", "The air, warm and inviting, hints at a day filled with sunshine and clear skies.", "Leaves rustle softly in the morning breeze, a natural symphony to start the day.", "The earth feels alive underfoot, its warmth seeping through the soles of your shoes.", "Sunbeams peek through branches, creating patterns of light and warmth that invite exploration.", "The scent of freshly cut grass mixes with the sweet fragrance of morning blooms.", "A patch of fog drifts lazily across a meadow, a remnant of the night's embrace.", "Birds dart and weave, their silhouettes stark against the lightening sky.", "The horizon glows with the promise of a hot summer day, urging an early start.", "A soft, golden light envelops everything, turning the ordinary into something magical.", "The sound of bees buzzing around flowers is a busy backdrop to the morning's calm.", "Puddles from last night's rain reflect the sky, temporary mirrors on the ground.", "A light mist rises from the river, a breath of the water greeting the day.", "The freshness of the morning is a blank canvas, ready for the day's adventures.", "Shadows shorten as the sun climbs higher, a slow erasure of the night's touch.", "Morning glories open to the sun, their blooms a vivid welcome to the new day.", "The air is thick with potential, each breath a taste of the day to come.", "A soft warmth settles over the landscape, a prelude to the heat of midday.", "The gentle lap of waves against the shore is a rhythmic reminder of nature's constancy.", "A squirrel's chattering breaks the stillness, a lively herald of the day's start.", "The sun's rays, filtered through leaves, dance on the ground in a shifting mosaic of light.", "A single cloud drifts lazily in the otherwise clear sky, a wanderer in the expanse.", "The distant call of a rooster announces the dawn, a timeless alarm for the sleepy world.", "Morning's first light is a soft whisper, gradually growing into a full-throated day.", "The scent of morning is a mix of hope and renewal, an invigorating start to the day.", "A faint breeze stirs, the prelude to a day that promises warmth and light.", "The world seems to hold its breath in the moment between night and day, savouring the peace.", "Early risers move quietly, respectful of the morning's gentle beginning.", "A kaleidoscope of colours blooms across the sky, heralding the day in a display of nature's art.", "The quiet of the morning is a sanctuary, a time for reflection before the day unfolds." ], Afternoon: [ "The sun blazes overhead, casting a brilliant light that shimmers on the surface of rivers and lakes.", "A warm breeze rustles through the trees, carrying the scent of sun-warmed pine and fresh earth.", "The hum of bees is a constant undercurrent, as flowers display their vibrant hues in full glory.", "Shadows grow shorter as the sun reaches its zenith, painting the landscape with bright, unfiltered colours.", "The air vibrates with heat, occasionally broken by the cool touch of a passing cloud's shadow.", "Birds seek refuge in the shade of leafy boughs, their songs muffled by the afternoon warmth.", "The sound of laughter and splashing water echoes from a nearby stream, a refuge from the sun's intensity.", "Fields of gold sway gently under the sun, a sea of grain rippling in the light breeze.", "A distant peal of thunder hints at an evening storm, a sudden contrast to the day's serenity.", "Butterflies dance among flowers in a lazy, sunlit ballet, their colours a match for the blossoms below.", "The scent of ripe fruit fills the air, a sweet testament to the season's abundance.", "Heat shimmers on the horizon, blurring the line between land and sky in a mirage of summer.", "The shade of ancient trees offers a cool respite, their canopies a sanctuary from the sun's embrace.", "Dragonflies dart over the water, their iridescent wings catching the light in fleeting flashes of colour.", "The vibrant blue of the sky is uninterrupted by clouds, a dome of azure over a sunlit world.", "Sunflowers turn their faces to follow the sun, a field of golden disks worshipping the light.", "The air is thick with the perfume of flowers and freshly cut grass, a heady mix of summer scents.", "A lazy cat stretches in a sunny patch, embodying the languid spirit of a hot summer afternoon.", "The buzz of insects is a backdrop to the day, a soundtrack to the heat and light.", "Fruit trees bear their bounty, branches heavy with the weight of summer's gift.", "A hawk circles lazily overhead, a silent sentinel in the vast, blue expanse.", "Ponds and lakes become mirrors, reflecting the sky and clouds in their tranquil depths.", "The warmth of the sun penetrates deep, a gentle reminder of summer's peak.", "Shades of green dominate the landscape, a testament to the life-giving power of the sun.", "The occasional breeze stirs the air, a welcome visitor that whispers of cooler evenings to come.", "Wildflowers dot the meadows, a kaleidoscope of colour that thrives under the summer sun.", "The sound of a distant waterfall is a promise of coolness and refreshment in the heat.", "Clouds form slowly, gathering strength for the afternoon's display of power and beauty.", "The rustling of leaves and grass is a soft conversation, a dialogue with the wind.", "Vines creep and climb, embracing walls and trees in a verdant grip of summer growth.", "A sense of languor spreads with the heat, encouraging rest and reflection in the shade.", "The brilliance of the day fades slowly, reluctant to relinquish the splendour of the afternoon.", "Crickets begin their song early, anticipating the evening as the day's heat lingers.", "The contrast of light and shadow plays across the landscape, creating patterns of beauty and mystery.", "The sun's rays filter through grapevines, casting a lattice of light on the ground below.", "An orchard offers the coolness of its shade, a sanctuary among rows of heavy-laden trees.", "The air shimmers with the dance of heat, a visible sign of summer's fierce beauty.", "The call of a lone bird punctuates the afternoon, a melody that speaks of the day's waning.", "A soft, golden light begins to edge the clouds, hinting at the approach of evening.", "The taste of summer is in the fruit that hangs ripe and heavy, bursting with flavour.", "A garden blooms in profusion, each flower a brushstroke in a masterpiece of natural art.", "The day's heat is a blanket that envelops the land, a palpable presence that defines the season." ], Evening: [ "The sun sets in a blaze of colour, painting the sky in shades of orange, pink, and purple.", "A cool breeze replaces the day's heat, carrying the scent of blooming night flowers.", "The last light of day lingers on the horizon, a soft glow that gently yields to twilight.", "Stars begin to appear, one by one, in the deepening blue of the evening sky.", "The chorus of night creatures rises, a symphony of sounds that marks the end of day.", "Lanterns and fireflies light up gardens and paths, small beacons in the growing dusk.", "The air cools, a refreshing change from the afternoon's warmth, inviting open windows and evening strolls.", "Shadows lengthen and merge, transforming the landscape into a place of mystery and beauty.", "A gentle hush falls over the land as it settles into the peace of the coming night.", "The moon, a silver crescent, casts a serene light over fields and forests.", "The last birdsong fades, leaving the stage to crickets and the whisper of leaves.", "A distant thunder rumbles, the promise of a refreshing night rain that will nourish the earth.", "The scent of jasmine and honeysuckle grows stronger, a sweet perfume that fills the evening air.", "Stars twinkle through the branches of trees, a celestial show glimpsed from the earth below.", "Evening mists rise from rivers and lakes, adding an air of enchantment to the landscape.", "The world seems to pause, caught in the magic of the twilight hour.", "Night blooms open, their petals unfurling under the stars, adding their colours to the night.", "The moon's reflection on water turns rivers and lakes into pathways of light.", "A sense of anticipation fills the air, as if the night holds secrets waiting to be discovered.", "A faint, cool dampness settles on the grass, a refreshment for the earth.", "The silhouette of mountains against the twilight sky, a reminder of the world's ancient majesty.", "Evening breezes carry the promise of cooler air, a whisper of the night to come.", "The quiet of the evening is a canvas for the imagination, inspiring tales of adventure and mystery.", "A campfire's glow invites storytelling and companionship, a warm heart in the cool of the evening.", "The constellation of the Great Bear becomes visible, a guidepost in the night sky.", "Owls call to each other across the darkening woods, a conversation in the language of the night.", "The taste of the evening air is sweet and cool, a draught of nature's own brew.", "A canopy of darkness slowly unfurls, studded with the light of a thousand stars.", "The rustle of nocturnal animals foraging adds a layer of life to the quiet of the evening.", "The transition from day to night is a gentle decline, a soft exhale of the world.", "Flowers close up for the night, their colours dimming like the day's final notes.", "The sky fades to a deep indigo, a backdrop for the evening's first stars.", "A peace settles over the countryside, the restful pause between day's end and night's beginning.", "The evening air is filled with the sounds of a world settling down, a lullaby of nature.", "Clouds catch the last light of the sun, edges aglow with the day's final fire.", "The horizon blurs, day and night mingling in a brief twilight, a time of neither and both.", "Evening shadows play on the walls, a soft dance of light and dark as candles flicker to life.", "The scent of woodsmoke signals the end of the day, a marker of time in the cycle of light and dark.", "A quiet joy permeates the evening, the satisfaction of a day well-lived and the promise of the night.", "The stars' light seems brighter, each one a note in the melody of the night sky.", "An owl's silhouette against the moon, a fleeting connection between the earth and the celestial." ], Night: [ "The moon casts a silver glow, illuminating the landscape with a soft, ethereal light.", "A gentle night breeze carries the mingled scents of summer blooms and fresh earth.", "Stars twinkle brightly above, each one telling a story in the tapestry of the night sky.", "Fireflies dance in the darkness, their light a magical display in the heart of the night.", "The sound of nocturnal creatures fills the air, a testament to the vibrant life that thrives under the cover of darkness.", "The air is warm and heavy with the day's lingering heat, wrapping the night in a blanket of comfort.", "A distant owl hoots solemnly, its call a haunting melody that echoes through the stillness.", "The rustle of leaves whispers secrets of the night, a soft language known only to the wind.", "The moon's reflection on a still lake creates a pathway of light, inviting the brave to walk between worlds.", "Night-blooming flowers release their fragrance, a sweet, heady perfume that saturates the cool air.", "The silhouette of a castle against the night sky, its towers and spires outlined by moonlight.", "A soft mist rolls over the fields, transforming the landscape into a realm of mystery and enchantment.", "The cool touch of the night air feels alive, charged with the latent energy of unseen forces.", "A chorus of crickets serenades the darkness, their song a rhythmic pulse that beats in time with the night.", "The sky is a deep velvet, so dark that the stars seem to shine with an inner light.", "A lone candle flickers in a window, a beacon of warmth in the cool, expansive night.", "Shadows move and shift, playing tricks on the eyes, as if the night itself is alive.", "The moon, full and bright, bathes the world in a ghostly light, casting long, eerie shadows.", "A gentle rain falls, its droplets a soft melody against the leaves and earth, a lullaby for the sleeping world.", "The night is a cloak of tranquillity, under which the world rests and dreams of tomorrow.", "Stars fall like tears from the heavens, each one a wish or a secret spilled into the void.", "A soft, golden hue lingers on the horizon, the last vestige of the day clinging to the edge of night.", "The night air carries the distant roar of the sea, a constant, soothing rumble that speaks of timeless cycles.", "Clouds drift lazily across the moon, veiling and unveiling its radiance in a slow, celestial dance.", "The fragrance of damp earth rises, a fresh, grounding scent that fills the senses with a sense of renewal.", "A symphony of frog calls emerges from a nearby pond, a vibrant testament to the night's fullness of life.", "The darkness is complete, a velvet blanket under which the secrets of the night are hidden.", "A cool breeze stirs, the breath of the night itself, refreshing and invigorating in its touch.", "The constellations are clear and bright, a map of myths and legends drawn across the sky.", "The whisper of wings in the darkness, the fleeting touch of a bat's flight, unseen but felt.", "A stream glitters under the moonlight, its waters a silver ribbon that winds through the shadowed land.", "The night thrums with unseen energy, a pulse of magic and mystery that vibrates in the air.", "A fox's cry pierces the silence, a sharp, lonely sound that fades into the depths of the night.", "The stars seem to sing, a silent melody that resonates in the soul, connecting earth and sky.", "A soft glow emanates from a grove, the presence of fae or spirits a whisper on the edge of consciousness.", "The night is warm, a soft embrace that holds the world in gentle stillness.", "A shooting star arcs across the heavens, a brief, brilliant passage that leaves awe in its wake.", "The darkness is a canvas, upon which the lights of the night paint a picture of serene beauty.", "A stillness settles over the land, profound and deep, as if the world holds its breath in the heart of the night.", "The moon's path across the sky is a slow, stately procession, a silent guardian of the night's quiet majesty." ] },
Autumn: { Morning: [ "A crisp chill in the air greets the dawn, leaves turning a kaleidoscope of colours.", "Fog blankets the ground, slowly lifting to reveal the rich hues of autumn.", "The early light casts a golden glow, illuminating the dew-kissed leaves and spider webs.", "A gentle breeze carries the scent of woodsmoke, mingling with the earthy aroma of fallen leaves.", "Birds begin their southward journey, their calls a melancholy reminder of the changing season.", "The sun rises later, its light softer and more subdued, hinting at the coming coolness of day.", "Leaves rustle underfoot, each step releasing the scents of moss and damp earth.", "The harvest moon still hangs low in the sky, a lingering sentinel of the night's watch.", "Mist rises from rivers and streams, a spectral dance above the water's surface.", "Apples and pumpkins begin to appear, dotting the landscape with spots of red and orange.", "The air is tinged with anticipation, as if the world awaits the final turn of summer's page.", "A flock of geese honks overhead, a V-shaped herald of the season's shift.", "Sunlight filters through the branches, painting the forest floor in dappled shades of amber and gold.", "The first frost kisses the ground, a glittering carpet that sparkles in the morning light.", "Squirrels busy themselves with gathering acorns, their movements brisk in the cool air.", "The world seems to hold its breath, savouring the quiet beauty of autumn's dawn.", "A light drizzle falls, droplets glistening on the remaining green leaves and ripe berries.", "The wind whispers through the trees, a soft sigh that speaks of summer's end.", "Morning dew clings to spiderwebs, each a masterpiece of delicate lace outlined in silver.", "The sky is a deep, clear blue, a backdrop that makes the autumn colours even more vibrant.", "A sense of calm pervades the morning, the hustle of life slowed by the season's tranquillity.", "The scent of ripe apples fills the air, a sweet and tangy reminder of autumn's bounty.", "Leaves begin their slow dance to the ground, twirling in the air before settling softly.", "The sun's rays peek through the mist, a warm hand gently lifting the veil of dawn.", "The air has a crisp clarity, each breath a refreshing taste of the season's change.", "A thin layer of frost outlines each leaf and blade of grass, a delicate tracery of ice.", "The distant sound of a woodpecker echoes through the forest, a rhythm that marks the time.", "Golden light floods the landscape, casting everything in a hue that speaks of harvests and thanksgiving.", "The world is awash in colour, from the deep reds of maples to the bright yellows of birches.", "The morning is still, a quiet moment suspended between the end of night and the birth of day.", "A hare darts across the path, its coat beginning to thicken in preparation for the colder months.", "The air smells of damp earth and decaying leaves, a rich scent that grounds the soul.", "Morning mists enshroud the hills, a magical veil that transforms the familiar into the mystical.", "The chill of the morning is a sharp contrast to the warmth of the sun's embrace.", "Patches of frost sparkle in the meadows, each a tiny jewel in the crown of autumn.", "The gentle murmur of a creek is amplified, a clear, running melody amidst the stillness.", "The landscape is a tapestry of colour, woven from the changing leaves and the soft, golden light.", "A sense of gathering begins, as animals and people alike prepare for the coming winter.", "The first light of dawn is a slow crescendo, gradually revealing the splendour of the autumn day.", "The world awakens slowly, wrapped in the cool embrace of an autumn morning." ], Afternoon: [ "Sunlight softens, casting a golden hue over the landscape, highlighting the riot of autumn colors.", "A crisp breeze swirls fallen leaves, creating whirls of gold, red, and orange in its wake.", "The air is cool but the sun's embrace remains warm, a gentle reminder of summer's past.", "Shadows lengthen as the day wanes, drawing patterns on the ground amidst the falling leaves.", "The scent of woodsmoke becomes more pronounced, mingling with the earthy smell of damp foliage.", "Orchards bear the fruits of the season, branches heavy with apples ripe for the picking.", "The sky is a clear azure, a stark backdrop to the vibrant hues of the trees and shrubs.", "A sense of tranquillity pervades, as nature slowly yields to the inevitable approach of winter.", "Pumpkins dot the fields, their orange shells a bright spot against the muted tones of the earth.", "The rustle of wildlife through the underbrush is more noticeable, as creatures prepare for colder days.", "Streams and brooks babble more loudly, their voices clear in the crisp autumn air.", "Birds gather in flocks, their chatter a cacophony as they discuss their impending journeys south.", "The sun's rays filter through the canopy, illuminating the forest floor in a patchwork of light and shadow.", "A quiet anticipation hangs in the air, as if the world holds its breath waiting for the change.", "Cornstalks stand tall in the fields, their golden sheaves a testament to the season's bounty.", "The horizon glows with the warm light of the setting sun, casting long shadows and bathing everything in a soft, amber light.", "Leaves crunch underfoot, a constant reminder of the season's cycle of life and decay.", "The air carries a slight chill, refreshing after the warmth of the sun's rays.", "Squirrels hustle, their activities more frantic as they gather food for the winter stores.", "The occasional sound of a distant bell, perhaps from a livestock herd, adds to the pastoral ambiance.", "Fading flowers give one last display of colour, a final flourish before the first frost.", "The sky at sunset is a canvas of fiery hues, reflecting the colours of the leaves below.", "A lone hawk circles overhead, its sharp cry piercing the quiet of the afternoon.", "Vines of ivy and Virginia creeper turn brilliant shades of red and purple, decorating buildings and trees.", "The air smells of impending rain, a sharp scent that promises a refreshing change.", "A feeling of harvest permeates, with fields cleared and preparations for winter underway.", "The sun, though still bright, has lost the intense heat of summer, offering a gentler warmth.", "The contrast between the warmth of the sunlit spots and the coolness of the shade is more pronounced.", "A peaceful silence settles over the landscape, broken only by the sounds of nature and the occasional laughter of children playing.", "Gardens are a mix of late bloomers and early fallers, a display of resilience and transition.", "The quality of the light changes, becoming richer, with longer wavelengths that paint everything in a softer light.", "Late afternoon shadows are deeper and more pronounced, offering a preview of the coming night.", "The breeze carries the promise of colder nights, a whisper of the winter to come.", "A sense of completion pervades, as the day's activities wind down and the world prepares for evening.", "Farmers and gardeners are busy, their work underscored by the urgency of the waning season.", "The landscape is a study in contrasts, with vibrant life and quiet decay side by side.", "A calmness envelops the land, a natural settling as day transitions into evening.", "Wildlife is more visible, taking advantage of the remaining warmth to forage and prepare.", "The angle of the sun illuminates the world in a unique way, highlighting textures and colours often missed at midday.", "The day's end approaches more quickly, a reminder of the shorter days and longer nights ahead." ], Evening: [ "As the sun dips below the horizon, the sky turns a deep orange, casting long shadows among the amber leaves.", "A brisk chill sets in, wrapping the landscape in a cool embrace as the last light fades.", "The moon rises early, a silvery crescent illuminating the path through the rustling foliage.", "Lanterns flicker to life in the village, their warm glow battling the encroaching dusk.", "The air fills with the scent of woodsmoke, a comforting aroma that heralds the coming night.", "Stars begin to pierce the twilight, a scattered tapestry of light against the darkening blue.", "The evening's quiet is broken only by the occasional rustle of wildlife preparing for the night.", "Mist starts to curl around the trees and fields, a ghostly veil that thickens with the advancing hour.", "The wind picks up, whispering through the branches and stirring the fallen leaves into dancing swirls.", "Farmhouses emit a cosy light, windows framing scenes of families gathering around the hearth.", "The chill of the evening draws people closer, sharing stories and warmth as the darkness deepens.", "Crickets and frogs provide a natural symphony, their songs a backdrop to the night's stillness.", "A distant owl hoots solemnly, its call echoing through the forest and marking the heart of autumn.", "Pumpkin lanterns appear on doorsteps, their carved faces aglow with candlelight, warding off the evening's chill.", "The night sky deepens to a velvety black, setting the stage for the moon and stars to shine.", "A sense of anticipation fills the air, as if the evening holds secrets yet to be uncovered.", "The last rays of the sun linger on the tips of the trees, setting them aflame with colour one final time.", "A gentle frost begins to form, coating the ground and leaves with a delicate, sparkling layer.", "The sound of leaves underfoot becomes a constant companion, a crisp reminder of the season with every step.", "Evening gatherings draw to a close, leaving behind the warmth of shared laughter and the glow of fading fires.", "The moon, full and bright, casts shadows that dance and twist, bringing the night to life.", "A faint northern light occasionally brushes the sky, a whisper of winter's approach on the edge of sight.", "The constellation of the Hunter takes its place in the sky, a celestial signpost of autumn's reign.", "Nightfall brings a deeper cold, urging creatures and folk alike to seek shelter and warmth.", "The silence of the evening is profound, a heavy cloak that settles over the land with the darkness.", "A final burst of bird calls marks the end of day, a closing note to the sunlight's symphony.", "The horizon fades from orange to indigo, a gradient that blends day into night seamlessly.", "Lights in the distance flicker like stars brought down to earth, guiding the way through the dark.", "The evening air is crisp and clear, carrying the promise of a night filled with stars.", "Bats flit through the twilight, their silhouettes brief flashes against the last light of the sky.", "The scent of fallen leaves becomes more pronounced as the damp of night sets in, a rich, earthy aroma.", "The evening's first frost touches the world, a whisper of white that fades with the approaching dawn.", "Shadows stretch and merge, creating a world of mystery and anticipation under the cloak of night.", "The sound of a distant river is more pronounced in the quiet of evening, a constant, soothing murmur.", "A harvest moon occasionally lights the sky, bathing the world in an eerie, ethereal glow.", "Evening's arrival is heralded by a coolness that seeps into bones, a reminder of the season's change.", "A sense of peace pervades the night, the world at rest in the embrace of autumn's twilight.", "The transition from day to night is swift, the light fading quickly as if eager to welcome the stars.", "Windows glow with the promise of warmth inside, a beacon against the lengthening nights.", "The stark beauty of bare branches against the evening sky, a silhouette of autumn's advance." ], Night: [ "The crisp night air whispers through the trees, carrying the scent of distant woodsmoke and fallen leaves.", "A full moon casts a silver glow, illuminating the landscape with an ethereal light, making shadows dance.", "Stars twinkle in a clear, dark sky, their light undimmed by the thin, cool air of the autumn night.", "Frost begins to form, sparkling under the moonlight, covering the ground with a delicate, shimmering veil.", "The distant hoot of an owl punctuates the silence, a solitary sound that echoes through the stillness.", "Leaves rustle softly in the gentle breeze, a susurrus that speaks of change and the turning of the world.", "The night is alive with the chirping of crickets, a constant background that defines the season's nights.", "Northern lights occasionally grace the sky, their colours a magical display that enchants the viewer.", "A harvest moon rises high, bathing the world in a soft, golden light, highlighting the beauty of the changing season.", "The air is tinged with anticipation, as if the night itself holds secrets waiting to be discovered under its cloak.", "Campfires dot the landscape, their glow a beacon of warmth and companionship in the cool autumn darkness.", "The silhouette of bare trees against the night sky, their branches like delicate lacework framing the stars.", "A light mist rolls in, obscuring the paths and fields, adding a touch of mystery to the night.", "The sound of a distant brook is more pronounced, a soothing melody that complements the night's tranquillity.", "Pumpkins glow from windows and porches, their carved faces lit by candles, a celebration of autumn's festivities.", "The night sky opens vast and deep, a reminder of the infinite, set against the earth's seasonal slumber.", "Stars seem to shimmer with a clearer light, each one a beacon in the crisp autumn air.", "The moon's reflection in a still pond creates a second, ethereal world, a mirror to the night's magic.", "Shadows move with a life of their own, cast by the moonlight through the dancing leaves.", "A sense of peace envelops the landscape, the world at rest in the embrace of the autumn night.", "The coolness of the air sharpens scents and sounds, making each leaf's rustle and each pine's aroma more distinct.", "Animals stir in the underbrush, their nocturnal routines a part of the night's tapestry.", "The constellation of the Hunter stands guard in the sky, a celestial marker of autumn's reign.", "A gentle wind carries the promise of colder days to come, rustling through the trees with a whisper of winter.", "Mistakes and missteps seem forgiven under the cover of night, the darkness a blanket that soothes and conceals.", "The night's calm is a canvas for the imagination, inspiring tales of mystery and adventure.", "A faint glow on the horizon hints at a village celebrating the harvest, a distant spectacle of light and joy.", "The darkness is not complete; it's textured with nuances of blue and grey, painted by the moon and stars.", "Night-blooming flowers open, releasing their fragrance into the cool air, a hidden treasure of the dark.", "The stark outline of a distant mountain range cuts against the starry sky, a reminder of nature's enduring majesty.", "A chill wind picks up, whispering of the winter to come, stirring the remaining leaves in a rustling farewell.", "The quiet of the night is a deep well of calm, inviting reflection and renewal in its silence.", "A late-night wanderer finds solace in the solitude, the cool air a companion in thought and exploration.", "The gradual appearance of dawn's first light is a slow revelation, the night's curtain drawn back by the morning.", "Veils of fog create a landscape of mystery and illusion, where shapes shift and familiar paths seem foreign.", "The night's embrace is a reminder of the cycle of endings and beginnings, a perpetual dance of light and darkness.", "A sense of belonging permeates the cool air, connecting all life under the night's sheltering dome.", "The sparkle of frost under the moonlight turns the world into a landscape of diamonds, fleeting until the dawn.", "Every star a story, every moonbeam a path, the night sky a tapestry of tales waiting to be told.", "The silence is broken only by the occasional call of a night bird, a solitary note that sings of the season's beauty." ] },
Winter: { Morning: [ "A blanket of snow covers the landscape, the world awash in a serene, pure white as the sun rises.", "The air is crisp and invigorating, each breath a cloud of mist that quickly dissipates.", "Frost patterns adorn every surface, turning the world into a glittering kingdom of ice.", "A pale, gentle light filters through bare branches, casting long shadows on the snow.", "The silence of the morning is profound, as if the snow has absorbed all sound, wrapping the world in peace.", "Breath turns to frost in the air, a visible reminder of the season's chill.", "Ice crystals hang from branches and eaves, sparkling in the early light like jewels.", "Animal tracks crisscross the snow, the only evidence of life in the still, frozen landscape.", "The sun, low on the horizon, struggles to impart warmth, its rays weak against the cold.", "Snowflakes drift lazily from the sky, adding fresh layers to the winter's blanket.", "The world seems paused, held in the quiet anticipation of the day to come.", "A thin layer of ice covers ponds and streams, a glassy surface that reflects the morning light.", "Evergreens stand sentinel, their branches heavy with snow, the only colour in a monochrome world.", "The crunch of snow underfoot breaks the silence, a crisp sound that echoes in the still air.", "The morning sky is a clear, icy blue, unmarred by clouds, stretching vast and unending.", "A chill wind whispers through the trees, their bare limbs shivering against the sky.", "Hoarfrost clings to every twig and blade of grass, turning the world into a wonderland of lace.", "The first rays of sun ignite the frost, turning each crystal into a tiny flame of light.", "Smoke rises straight up from chimneys, a sign of the warmth that awaits inside.", "The horizon glows with the promise of sunrise, a faint warmth against the chill of dawn.", "Shadows on the snow tell tales of the night just passed, a silent history written in darkness and light.", "The stark beauty of the winter morning inspires a sense of awe, a reminder of nature's quiet power.", "A sense of isolation pervades, the snow a barrier that separates yet connects all under its blanket.", "The cold bites at exposed skin, a sharp reminder of winter's harsh embrace.", "Birds flit from tree to tree, their movement a burst of life in the still air.", "The world is hushed, as if holding its breath, in the sacred silence of the winter dawn.", "A faint warmth tinges the air as the sun climbs higher, a slow, reluctant concession to the day.", "The snow's surface sparkles, countless diamonds lit by the morning's first light.", "A gentle calm envelops the landscape, the peace of the winter morning a balm to the soul.", "The contrast of dark bark against the snow-covered ground creates a striking visual tapestry.", "Mist rises from mouths and nostrils, a transient veil that dances in the cold air.", "The promise of a new day lingers on the horizon, the dawn light a slow crescendo.", "Snow mounds like soft pillows cover the land, their shapes softened by the blanket of white.", "A robin's call, bold against the quiet of the morning, speaks of resilience and life's persistence.", "Shadows stretch long and blue across the snow, a fleeting connection to the sun's weak warmth.", "The world feels untouched, pristine in its winter dress, inviting footsteps to mar its perfection.", "A sense of peace, deep and encompassing, fills the heart with the stillness of the winter morning.", "The cold, though biting, invigorates the senses, bringing a clarity and freshness to the mind.", "The sun's light, diffuse and soft, casts the world in a gentle glow, a promise of the day to come.", "The silence is a canvas, every sound a stroke that paints the day's beginning in stark relief." ], Afternoon: [ "The sun hangs low in the sky, casting a weak but beautiful golden light over the snow-blanketed landscape.", "A crisp, cold air envelopes everything, the breath of winter visible as mist with every exhalation.", "Sparse, snow-dusted trees stand stark against a pale blue sky, their branches etched like fine lace.", "The silence of the afternoon is profound, broken only by the occasional crack of ice or the distant call of a winter bird.", "Icicles glitter like crystal pendants from rooftops and branches, catching the dim sunlight.", "The snow reflects the weak sunlight, creating a landscape that glows with a serene, muted radiance.", "A gentle snowfall begins, the flakes slow and deliberate, adding fresh layers to an already white world.", "Footprints and animal tracks crisscross the snow, evidence of life's persistence even in the coldest season.", "The air is tinged with the scent of pine and the crispness of freshly fallen snow.", "Frozen lakes and ponds become mirrors, reflecting the winter sky and bare trees in their glassy surfaces.", "The world seems to hold its breath, caught in the stillness and quiet majesty of the winter afternoon.", "Shadows grow long and deep, stretching across the snow as the day slowly gives way to evening.", "Smoke rises in thin columns from chimneys, a sign of the warmth that awaits indoors.", "The occasional bright berry or patch of green moss stands out vividly against the snow, a reminder of life's resilience.", "A sense of isolation and tranquility pervades, the landscape a vast and untouched white canvas.", "Sunlight filters through icy branches, creating patterns of light and shadow on the snow below.", "The chill in the air sharpens, a reminder that the day's brief respite from the cold is fleeting.", "Birds huddle at feeders or in sheltered branches, their movements quick and purposeful.", "The sun's rays, though weak, paint everything in a soft, ethereal glow, highlighting the beauty of the season.", "A distant howl or the crack of freezing ice punctuates the silence, sounds that are uniquely winter's own.", "Children's laughter and shouts can be heard from a nearby hill, the joy of sledding a bright note in the cold.", "The world feels paused, as if waiting for a sign or change, under the heavy cloak of winter.", "Snowflakes catch in spiderwebs and on the edges of leaves, each a tiny work of art.", "The horizon blurs as snow and sky merge in a wash of white and grey, the boundaries of the world softened.", "A feeling of anticipation hangs in the air, the sense that each day of cold brings us closer to the thaw of spring.", "The contrast between warm light from windows and the cold blue of the snow outside is stark and inviting.", "A fox's red coat flashes against the snow, a burst of colour in the monochrome landscape.", "The wind picks up, stirring the snow into swirling clouds, a dance of white against the sky.", "Evergreens stand stoic, their boughs heavy with snow, enduring symbols of the season.", "The sun begins its descent early, the afternoon light fading into the promise of a cold night.", "Patches of ice on the ground catch the light, turning ordinary paths into treacherous beauty.", "The quiet is a tangible presence, the world slowed and softened under the weight of winter.", "Frost patterns on windows grow more intricate as the temperature drops, nature's artistry on display.", "The cold seems to seep into everything, numbing fingers and toes, urging a retreat to warmth and firelight.", "A deer moves silently through the trees, its coat thick against the cold, a ghost of the winter forest.", "The sky turns a deep, steel grey, a blanket of clouds rolling in to hold the night's chill at bay.", "A sense of enduring through the cold permeates, a collective holding of breath until the season's turn.", "The stark beauty of the winter landscape is both chilling and awe-inspiring, a reminder of nature's power.", "The day's last light reflects off the snow, creating a brief, magical twilight that glows with an inner fire.", "A sense of peace settles with the evening, the world at rest in the deep heart of winter." ], Evening: [ "The last light of day fades, leaving a palette of deep blues and purples across the snow-covered landscape.", "A crisp moon rises, casting a silvery glow that reflects off the snow, illuminating the night with a ghostly light.", "The cold deepens, drawing a shroud of frost over everything, sparkling under the moon and starlight.", "Smoke curls from chimneys into the still air, marking each home's fight against the encroaching cold.", "The silence of the evening is profound, a blanket of peace that covers the land under the starry sky.", "Lanterns and candles flicker in windows, their warm light a beacon against the chill of the night.", "Stars appear, one by one, in the clear winter sky, a tapestry of light over the silent world.", "A distant howl echoes through the crisp air, a lone wolf calling to the moon, adding to the night's mystery.", "The evening air carries the promise of snow, a whisper of white that will cover the land by morning.", "Shadows stretch long across the snow, cast by the moon's light, creating a world of contrast and form.", "Frost forms intricate patterns on every surface, nature's artwork visible in the glow of the evening.", "The cold bites, a sharp reminder of winter's strength, as breath turns to mist in the air.", "The crunch of snow underfoot breaks the silence, a solitary sound in the stillness of the evening.", "A sense of anticipation hangs in the air, the quiet before a storm, the world holding its breath.", "Trees stand like sentinels, their bare branches outlined against the night sky, a study in black and white.", "The night sky deepens to an inky blue, stars shining bright, undimmed by the lights of civilization.", "A quiet settles over the land, a restful pause as creatures and humans alike seek warmth and shelter.", "The moon's path across the sky is a slow arc, casting shifting shadows that play across the snow.", "A faint aurora flickers on the horizon, a dance of light that adds a touch of magic to the winter night.", "The chill of the evening seeps into bones, urging a closer huddle to the fire's warmth.", "Icicles glitter like diamonds in the moonlight, suspended from eaves and branches in frozen beauty.", "Snowflakes begin to fall, silent and gentle, adding a fresh layer of white to the evening's canvas.", "The world seems wrapped in a hush, a sacred stillness that envelops the heart and calms the mind.", "A barn owl's flight is a silent shadow against the moon, a ghostly presence in the night.", "Pine trees whisper under the weight of snow, a soft sound that speaks of endurance and strength.", "The darkness is complete, a velvet cloak adorned with the jewels of stars, wrapping the world in mystery.", "A frozen pond reflects the moon, a mirror to the heavens, blending earth and sky in its icy surface.", "The evening's cold is a sharp clarity, cutting through the darkness, defining every shape and shadow.", "A fire's glow spills from open doors, inviting with its promise of warmth and light against the night.", "The night air is crisp and clean, each breath a refreshment, filled with the scent of snow and pine.", "Footsteps on snow are muffled, a soft sound that fades quickly in the vast silence of the evening.", "A sense of solitude pervades, the isolation of winter a blanket that offers both comfort and introspection.", "The constellation of the Hunter dominates the night sky, a celestial guide through the winter's darkness.", "A hare's tracks cross the snow, a brief narrative of survival written in the language of footprints.", "Faint music drifts on the air, a melody that warms the heart against the cold of the night.", "The stars seem closer, a canopy of light that draws the eye upward, inspiring dreams and wonder.", "A frosty mist rises from streams, a ghostly vapor that weaves among the trees and across the fields.", "The night's beauty is stark, a monochrome world that glows under the touch of moonlight.", "A sense of timelessness envelops the evening, the eternal cycle of seasons playing out under the watchful stars.", "The quiet of the winter night is a canvas, each sound and movement a stroke that paints the moment's uniqueness." ], Night: [ "The night wraps the snowy world in a blanket of silence, under a sky glittering with countless stars.", "Moonlight reflects off the snow, turning the landscape into a luminous realm of silver and shadow.", "The cold air is sharp and clear, carrying the distant howl of wolves that roam the frozen forests.", "Frost patterns on window panes create intricate designs, as if nature has drawn its own masterpieces.", "The northern lights weave across the sky, casting an ethereal glow over the snow-covered wilderness.", "A profound stillness pervades, as if the world itself has paused to admire the winter's stark beauty.", "Snowflakes fall gently in the night, each one a whisper of nature's quiet persistence.", "The crackle of a fire breaks the silence, its warm glow a beacon of comfort in the winter darkness.", "Icicles hang like crystal chandeliers from branches and eaves, twinkling in the moonlight.", "The night sky is a deep velvet, the stars and moon offering the only light in the enveloping darkness.", "A blanket of snow covers the land, undisturbed and perfect, under the watchful gaze of the stars.", "Breath turns to mist in the frigid air, each exhale a fleeting sign of life in the cold night.", "The silhouette of a lone stag on a hillside, its breath visible in the cold air, a symbol of winter's grace.", "The hush of the night is broken only by the occasional crack of ice or the distant fall of snow from a branch.", "Shadows cast by the moon create a world of contrast, where imagination fills the spaces between light and dark.", "A sense of isolation envelops, not as loneliness, but as a profound connection to the natural world's slumber.", "The clarity of the winter night sky brings constellations into sharp focus, each star a story from ancient times.", "Frozen lakes glisten under the night sky, their surfaces smooth and unbroken, reflecting the universe above.", "The crispness of the air enhances every sound, from the soft hoot of an owl to the whisper of falling snow.", "Snow-draped landscapes glow under the full moon, transforming familiar scenes into places of wonder and magic.", "A fox's tracks lead across a snowy field, a lone journey etched in white, visible only by moonlight.", "The world seems suspended in time, caught between the fall of one snowflake and the next, in the winter night's embrace.", "Evergreens stand sentinel, their boughs heavy with snow, the only colour in a monochrome world.", "The occasional flicker of movement, a rabbit or deer, stirs the snow, a sign of life's perseverance.", "The cold of the winter night bites, but also invigorates, reminding us of the cycle of seasons and survival.", "Mist rises from streams, the water still unfrozen, adding a layer of mystery to the night landscape.", "The quiet of the night offers a canvas for reflection, a moment of peace in the darkness.", "A distant cottage with smoke rising from its chimney promises warmth and shelter against the winter night.", "The stark beauty of the winter night is both chilling and awe-inspiring, a reminder of nature's quiet power.", "Orion's Belt shines brightly in the winter sky, a celestial marker of the season's deep nights.", "The sound of ice forming on a pond, a subtle, magical music that plays to the rhythm of the cold.", "Footprints in the snow tell tales of evening wanderers, their stories woven into the fabric of the night.", "The chill of the night draws folks closer to the hearth, where tales are told and warmth is shared.", "A sense of magic pervades, as if the winter night itself is alive with possibilities and ancient secrets.", "The winter night sky, vast and unending, offers a perspective that humbles and inspires awe.", "The silhouette of bare trees against the night sky, a dance of lines and forms in the moonlight.", "The gentle glow of starlight on snow creates a soft luminescence, lighting the night in a quiet display of natural beauty.", "A barn owl glides silently through the night, its presence felt more than seen, a ghostly figure in the landscape.", "The contrast of firelight against the cold night, sparks flying upwards to join the stars, bridges the earth and sky.", "The winter night enfolds the world, a time of rest and renewal, under the silent watch of the cosmos." ] }, Magical: { AnyTime: [ "Auroras dance across the sky, casting an otherworldly glow that illuminates the landscape in ethereal hues.", "Starfall showers light the night, each shooting star a wish spoken in the ancient language of the cosmos.", "Mystic fog rolls in, whispering secrets of old and revealing hidden paths to those who listen closely.", "Bioluminescent rain falls gently, turning the night into a canvas of glowing droplets that leave no one untouched by their magic.", "A gentle breeze carries the scent of lavender and moonflower, a soothing aroma that heals weary souls.", "Rainbows appear at midnight, a rare spectacle created by the moon's light reflecting through unseen crystals in the air.", "Eternal twilight prevails, where the sun and moon share the sky in a delicate balance of light and shadow.", "Floral snowflakes drift down from cherry blossom clouds, a springtime snow that enchants the land in pink and white.", "A zephyr of sparkling dust winds through the air, imbuing the land and its inhabitants with fleeting invisibility.", "The ground blooms where moonlight touches, sprouting moonflowers that shimmer with a light of their own.", "Fireflies swarm in patterns that spell out ancient prophecies, a living tapestry of light and destiny.", "A sudden silver frost covers everything, turning the landscape into a mirror that reflects other worlds.", "Phantasmal auroras ripple with colours unseen by mortal eyes, a celestial symphony of light and sound.", "Rain whispers the names of those it touches, a magical downpour that bestows blessings from forgotten deities.", "A comet's tail brushes the atmosphere, raining down stardust that grants visions of the future to those it touches.", "Ghostly ships sail across the sky, their translucent sails catching winds that blow from other realms.", "A golden mist rises at dawn, transforming objects it envelops into their perfect forms for a single day.", "Night skies bloom with starlit flowers, a cosmic garden that changes with the seasons of the universe.", "Winds carry echoes of laughter and music from parallel worlds, a symphony of joy that transcends dimensions.", "Rivers run with liquid light under the full moon, guiding travellers to places of power and renewal.", "A rainbow moon rises, casting multi-coloured shadows that reveal hidden truths and long-lost treasures.", "Shadows play out scenes from the past and future, a magical tapestry woven in the fabric of time.", "A cascade of shimmering leaves falls from an evergreen sky, each leaf a spell waiting to be spoken.", "The air shimmers with heat from a sun that never sets, a perpetual summer that defies the passage of time.", "Snowflakes sing as they fall, a chorus of winter's arrival that enchants the air with melody and magic.", "Thunder rumbles with the sound of ancient drums, calling forth rain that sparkles with the essence of life.", "A celestial wind carries souls of the past, allowing them to whisper guidance and wisdom to the living.", "The sea glows with bioluminescent waves, a tide of stars that washes away curses and ill fortune.", "Crystals form in the air, hovering and spinning in intricate patterns that unlock the mysteries of magic.", "A spectral fog unveils scenes from other times and places, a window to the infinite tapestry of existence.", "The earth hums with energy at certain spots, creating oases of healing and power for those who find them.", "Butterflies of pure light flutter by, leading the way to enchanted realms hidden from the unobservant eye.", "The night sky parts to reveal a realm of dreams, accessible to those who dare to soar on wings of imagination.", "Rain of liquid silver blesses the land, infusing the soil with rare minerals and awakening ancient artifacts.", "A solar eclipse unveils a hidden dimension, casting a shadow that opens doorways to other worlds.", "Frost patterns tell stories of the fae, intricate designs that serve as invitations to their moonlit revels.", "Waters whisper ancient lore to those who drink deeply, bestowing knowledge lost to time.", "A gale of enchanted petals sweeps through, transforming the mundane into the extraordinary with a touch of their magic.", "Stones glow under the stars, marking the ley lines of power that crisscross the land.", "The moon's phases align in a rare pattern, unlocking spells and powers that lay dormant for centuries." ] } };
function getRandomElement(array) { return array[Math.floor(Math.random() * array.length)]; } function chooseWeather(season, timeOfDay) { let isOffSeason = Math.random() < offSeasonChance / 100; let isMagical = Math.random() < magicalWeatherChance / 100; let selectedSeason = isMagical ? "Magical" : (isOffSeason ? getRandomElement(seasons.filter(s => s !== "Magical")) : season); let options = weatherDetails[selectedSeason][timeOfDay] || weatherDetails[selectedSeason].AnyTime; return getRandomElement(options); } // Intro phrases for each time of day const introPhrases = { Morning: [ "With the dawn breaking,", "As the morning unfolds,", "Greeting the early light,", "With the first light of day,", "As the sun begins its ascent,", "As daybreak paints the sky,", "With the sun's first rays,", "Embracing the new day,", "As morning's light filters through,", "Welcoming the dawn's embrace,", "In the quiet of the early morning,", "As the horizon brightens,", "Beneath the widening light,", "With the awakening of the world,", "As daylight takes its first breath,", "Greeting the day with open arms,", "As the new dawn emerges,", "With the gentle light of morning,", "As the day begins to unfold,", "Welcoming the first light with joy," ], Afternoon: [ "As the day progresses,", "In the heart of the day,", "As the sun stands overhead,", "Into the warmth of the afternoon,", "Basking in the midday sun,", "During the day's peak,", "As the sun reaches its zenith,", "Under the high sun,", "Amidst the day's full bloom,", "In the full throttle of daylight,", "As the day wears on,", "Embracing the day's warmth,", "With the sun at its highest,", "In the luminance of midday,", "As afternoon warmth envelops,", "In the vibrant afternoon light,", "With the day's brightness at its peak,", "As we navigate the day's height,", "Amid the clarity of the afternoon sun," ], Evening: [ "As the evening descends,", "With the sunset approaching,", "As dusk settles in,", "In the quiet of the evening,", "As the light fades,", "Under the twilight sky,", "As nightfall begins to cloak,", "With the day's end near,", "In the dimming light of day,", "As shadows grow longer,", "With the evening's calm settling,", "As the stars begin to appear,", "In the hush of the approaching night,", "As the darkness gently envelops,", "With the last rays of sun,", "In the serene transition to night,", "As the evening air cools,", "With the close of the day at hand,", "In the peaceful embrace of evening,", "As the twilight deepens," ], Night: [ "And into the night,", "As darkness envelops the land,", "Under the starlit sky,", "Through the silent night,", "As the moon rises high,", "Beneath the veil of darkness,", "With the stars as our guide,", "As the world falls into slumber,", "In the quiet of the night,", "Under the watchful eye of the moon,", "As night's embrace tightens,", "When the shadows grow long,", "In the hush of the late hours,", "As the evening's magic unfolds,", "Beneath the constellation's gaze,", "While the night whispers softly,", "In the stillness that only night brings,", "As the darkness weaves its spell,", "Under the blanket of the night sky,", "When the world pauses, wrapped in nocturnal beauty," ] }; function displayWeather(season, timeOfDay) { let narrative = ""; if (timeOfDay === "All day weather") { var allTimes = ["Morning", "Afternoon", "Evening", "Night"]; narrative = => { let weatherNarrative = chooseWeather(season, partOfDay); let introPhrase = getRandomElement(introPhrases[partOfDay]); return `${introPhrase} ${weatherNarrative}`; }).join(". ") + "."; } else { let weatherNarrative = chooseWeather(season, timeOfDay); let introPhrase = getRandomElement(introPhrases[timeOfDay]); narrative = `${introPhrase} ${weatherNarrative}.`; } sendChat(" ", "/desc " + narrative); } function showTimeOfDayMenu(season) { let message = "/w gm Choose the time of day:<br>"; timesOfDay.forEach(function(time) { message += `[${time}](!weather ${season} ${time}) `; }); sendChat(" ", message); } function registerEventHandlers() { on('chat:message', function(msg) { if (msg.type === 'api' && msg.content.indexOf('!weather') === 0) { let args = msg.content.split(/\s+/); if (args.length === 1) { showSeasonMenu(); } else if (args.length === 2) { let season = args[1]; showTimeOfDayMenu(season); } else if (args.length === 3) { let season = args[1]; let timeOfDay = args[2]; displayWeather(season, timeOfDay); } } }); } function showSeasonMenu() { let message = "/w gm Choose a season:<br>"; seasons.forEach(function(season) { message += `[${season}](!weather ${season}) `; }); sendChat(" ", message); } return { RegisterEventHandlers: registerEventHandlers }; }()); on("ready", function() { 'use strict'; WeatherSystem.RegisterEventHandlers(); });
The Aaron
Roll20 Production Team
API Scripter
You could do something like: } else if ([3,5].includes(args.length)) { let season = args[1]; let timeOfDay = args[2]; if("All" === args[2]){ displayWeather(season, "All day weather"); } else { displayWeather(season, timeOfDay); } } This should work with what you're doing now.  When people choose the " All day weather"  option, the API will get: !weather Spring All day weather which will get split into: ["!weather","Spring","All","day","weather"] That's why your function isn't doing anything for those currently, the args.length === 3 is not matching.
Thanks, that helps a lot! I completely missed that.
ok I am back again: I keep encountering an error when loading up this script:&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> &nbsp;it is basically the same as the last one with quite a few tweaks and changes. so here is the error:&nbsp; TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'faerun') TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'faerun') at displayCalendar (apiscript.js:5612:57) at apiscript.js:6254:17 at eval (eval at &lt;anonymous&gt; (/home/node/d20-api-server/api.js:168:1), &lt;anonymous&gt;:65:16) at Object.publish (eval at &lt;anonymous&gt; (/home/node/d20-api-server/api.js:168:1), &lt;anonymous&gt;:70:8) at /home/node/d20-api-server/api.js:1762:12 at /home/node/d20-api-server/node_modules/firebase/lib/firebase-node.js:93:560 at hc (/home/node/d20-api-server/node_modules/firebase/lib/firebase-node.js:39:147) at Kd (/home/node/d20-api-server/node_modules/firebase/lib/firebase-node.js:93:546) at Id.Mb (/home/node/d20-api-server/node_modules/firebase/lib/firebase-node.js:93:489) at Ld.Mb (/home/node/d20-api-server/node_modules/firebase/lib/firebase-node.js:94:425) it sometimes works...but not always, it isn't consistent with what triggers the error or not. I am again at a total loss. and any help and or insight would be highly appreciated. Aaron
API Scripter
If you don't know how to locate this error, you can try these steps. (FYI, the steps I'm about to suggest are discussed in greater detail in this post .) 1.) Add this above your code: var API_Meta = API_Meta || {}; API_Meta.WeatherSystem= { offset: Number.MAX_SAFE_INTEGER, lineCount: -1 }; { try { throw new Error(''); } catch (e) { API_Meta.WeatherSystem.offset = (parseInt(e.stack.split(/\n/)[1].replace(/^.*:(\d+):.*$/, '$1'), 10) - (13)); } } (Note that the script name property has already been changed to your "WeatherSystem".) 2.) At the end of the {try} block in that snippet, change the last 13 (in the parentheses) to be the line where this {try} block appears. If it occurs on line 3, change the 13 to a 3, etc. 3.) At the end of your code, paste these lines: { try { throw new Error(''); } catch (e) { API_Meta.WeatherSystem.lineCount = (parseInt(e.stack.split(/\n/)[1].replace(/^.*:(\d+):.*$/, '$1'), 10) - API_Meta.WeatherSystem.offset); } } (Again, if you're referencing the instructions on the other page, I've already changed the scriptname property of the meta object.) 4.) Optional - paste this line somewhere within the main IIFE block (so that your script correctly reports its version to the installed script polling command we'll later use): API_Meta.WeatherSystem.version = '1.0.0'; 5.) Finally, install ScriptInfo from the 1-click Once you've done that, let the error generate again and take note of the top line number. Reboot your sandbox, then use the line number in a command like this you send through chat: !scriptinfo 5612 It should report to you exactly what line that error is referring to, letting you zero-in on what might be going wrong. Then, if you can't spot the problem yourself,&nbsp; you can post the relevant bit of code and maybe we can help.
Amazing, Thanks I'll give this a go next time I am on!
thanks timmaugh, it turns out after changing the displayCalendar function I put the checks and setups of the state object after the call in the function to access them, thus the error.&nbsp;