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INTREST CHECK: FitD: Scum & Villiany

Will fire up a Forged in the Dark: Scum & Villainy campaign in the next few weeks if there's interest. experienced GM, I run sandboxes not pre-made plot lines table open to vets and noobs alike. I'm not open for young children or anti-social adults. I'm don't plan "adult" material, but i'm no more planned to be family friendly either. I'm probably a pg-13 on my own, and the table will be whatever +/- from that our aggregate pans out to. crew of 4-6 to launch weekly sessions, 3-4 hour length as group wants, when is TDB by group availability. My schedule is open to many days. pacific time mon-thru 3pm-8pm fri 3pm-9pm Typical S&V campaign lasts 10-20 sessions max range. My sandbox has no set end triggers, that's just about how far the game system mechanics tend to go before they have played out for a crew's story. If i see there's interest i'll get the last 10% polish cranked on the sandbox, work out scheduling among any who posted here to be available to the most possible. the public post the game to fill up to 4 if needed. NOTE: Your crew need not be explcitly scummy thugs in the game of Scum & Villainy.. However your PCs are always on the wrong side of the law, that is the game system. So non-violent con-artists, scummy strong arm thugs, vigilantes, thief with a heart of gold, thrill kill murders, burglars, loot heists, ransom kidnappers, or whatever. illegal activity is the lifestyle choice of the PCs in this RPG. These are not stories that end in a heroes celebration. An outsider's non-sustainable lifestyle story only has two outcomes to end up at. The PCs choices always wind up answering the question: Is it better to burn out or fade away?
What is S&V? Where do we find the ways to build a character? Etc?
Not a lot of interest i see. But just one week, so i'll give it some time. Kaiser Redflame said: What is S&amp;V? Where do we find the ways to build a character? Etc? Forged in the Dark site page <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> Scum &amp; Villainy specific flavor variant <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> PC sheets and other basic info can be found there. All materials will be available in campaign. Interesting mechanics of this game system: Enough PC harm can result in that PC being off limits to use for a session or two. That is a mechanic, that PC is resting and the player plays an alt PC that is around when their main is not. We don't play more than PC in the crew at a time, but we play more than PC that is in/out of doing jobs with the crew, if the main PC we play has beed removed form play by the harm/jail time mechanic. Typically at least 50% of players in a campaign, will make use of a 2nd PC at least once or twice for harm/jail mechanics. Temporary "assets" that help you overcome problems above your station, but are not able to just be your crew's useful power all the time. This can include equipment and NPCs. Any player can attempt to do anything, but without power options from class sheets to help boost the odds in your favor, it can be much lower odds of sucess. example: everyone is a qualified pilot, just like everyone IRL can be a qualified driver. the pilot class in game is like saying you are a trained and actevily practicing F1 driver. You got a whole layer of skills way out past what common drivers are capable of. So when the pilot class, you get a lot more mechanical options to help your odds get better at any piloting related stuff. But any class can make piloting checks as needed. As i do not drive the crew down any premeditated story lines, a crew need not be concerned about class balance. What the crew needs to do is know what they are or are not good at, and stick to undertakings wihtin the reasonable bounds of their skill set. Again, unless you sign up to work for a mob that assigns you work. I won't be driving you to specific jobs, you will spend time discovering opportunities, and choose your own. If you are your own gang, then you set the work list for you. I notice lots GMs post a fair bit of their home brew lore like it would make things more enticing. But the lore of my world only matters in understanding how the general culture ticks over, to predict reactions/outcomes(act as if you were born&nbsp; and raised here). I don't generally plan stories that inject the players into some deep world lore about proper noun important people, their long history of rivals, and their machination of epic proportions that the players may be part of. My GM style is the story is the Players' not mine. I do not lay out The Plot for the PCs to be part of, I provide a realized world stage for them to tell their story upon. It is a sandbox, go dig in it, you can make sand castles and there are buried cat turds to find. But never forget, your best sandcastle is a lvl 4 sandcastle. In this sandbox there are lvl 10 sandcastles looming over everything. If we imagine your crew is in the cantina when Luke and Han are meeting. We'd understand your crew's story is not one that intersected with Vader or&nbsp; other such highest levels of the land people around. But your story, of your own life or death situations, is clearly no less important to you. Even if you were not the most interesting story in the galaxy at the moment that got retold to everyone else later about the destruction of the deathstar. Some interesting FitD mechanics: The sum of FitD is not, become the epic power house of the land. It is, as someone in a position of outsider(lvl 4 cap) to the lawful systems(lvl 10), how far can you go? Will you burn out or fade awawy? The game system has a mechanic to see what your "retirement" looks like if you do manage to fade awawy. But can just as well culminate in your burn out ending of a job going bad to your death, like Bonnie and Clyde/Butch Cassidy and Sun Dance kid/Shoot out at the OK corral sort of endings. FitD game system includes the mechanic that a PC is not playable for a session or two if they have taken enough harm or got busted and sent to jail. Typical campaigns will see at least 50% of players play a 2nd PC that stands in when their main PC is removed from play by mechanics. But we don't normally play more than one PC at a time. It's a swap out situation, if your main PC has been removed from play temporarily. Flashbacks: Literally the literary power of a flashback, is a power the players have to tell the story of their PC. When you reach a problem that can't be overcome with a basic inventory item you got. You needed something that had to be planed/obtained before hand, or you imagined a way to solve the problem that needed you to do something earlier first to set it up. Well then have a Flashback and tell us all about how you had in fact already planned for such a problem before hand off screen. And now you do have the thing/situation you needed, becasue you had that all along, we just didn't know about it until the flashback informed us. Earning Xp: we earn XP ever session. Xp is dished out at the end of a session by asking a series of questions about what your PC did during the session. Did you use class powers to solve problems? AND did any of your trauma cause problems/interference in your plans? But guess what, no has any trauma to start with. You'll have to earn some trauma first, and then allow it to mess with your happy/easy outcomes when it woudl be appropriate, if you want to earn xp faster. It demands real RP from you to do this. You know what your trauma is, and you are part of the current story, so you would know if that PC's trauma was likely to come into play as a monkey wrench to the current moment/circumstances. The game gives some direction on this, but there are no "triggered mechanics" that force a PC to do trauma stuff that makes the mission less likely to have a good outcome. You and the other players will need to feel it out and be real about your story telling moments. Some players will just ignore their traumas, that's fine, they simply earn xp slower. But if a player wants to play to their trauma and it is a story releasable situation to do so. Then everyone will need to be on board for that story happening. You'll have to be a real legit RPer for this, with not a whiff of troll odor about you if you start making your crew's plans less likely to succeed, "because that's what my character would do." Trauma is up to 1/3 of the xp you can earn. Ignoring this aspect of play will be much slower on the leveling up. Reality of this situation, if you come off like troll to the other players in this. No GM could keep you at the table, if everyone else would bail because they smelled troll. Anyway there's a bit more on the info for the game if it helps. If anyone really needs some world lore details to know if this is a good fit for you or not feel free to ask. here's just a tiny bit on that: My world lore is specific, but not proper noun details kind of stuff with a long history of events and names from the past. The lore here is more about the general cultural norms. How it is the world is a near mono culture with about 95% population buy in, and the reaming 5% splits up between Marketeers(semi-legits), Rats(criminals that fake being legits), and Fringers(not legit and not hiding it). Space is big. Like really really big and we don't move that fast in it and sensors don't see light years awawy from us instantly. So while everyone is a citizen of the empire. Fact is the Empire will only reach out so far into the void chasing criminals. From the Empire POV, a criminla that flew off into the void, might just be a self solving problem they never see again. And if they do try to come back they won't be able to land/dock anywhere legit, without the authorities picking them up. So from the Empire's POV it is mostly pointless to try to go after anyone flying off into the void. Though if you work at it,&nbsp; you might get above that threshold to be worth coming out for, if you are hanging out on the fringes to be tracked down.