When an animated letter arrives, it first speaks in a strange language then common. “You’ve been cordially invited to this year’s masquerade ball. Lord Blackwell invites you and your companions to a night of celebration and social intrigue.” “This is a formal event, you will be required to leave your weapons, armor, shields and spell casting pouches or focuses at the coat check.” A location is drawn on the letter revealing a black horse drawn carriage with a rider. It is waiting to take you to the event. This will be a night to remember… The Invitation is a 10th level One-Shot. Characters will be disarmed for a portion of the game depending on choices. You can have anything in the Player's Handbook in terms of equipment, armor, shields and weapons (excluding the spy glass). You can take 3 common magical items and 1 uncommon magical item. I don't allow multiple summoning spells/abilities or Silvery Barbs in my games. Every Character starts with a feat at character creation. If a background (Strixhaven or Dragonlance) or racial option provides a feat, you do not benefit from this extra feat. Hi, my name is DM Pinkalink I run a one-shot server called One-Shot Thots. We generally play every Tuesday 6pm, EST. I'm looking for more players to take part in my one-shots. It's totally free! If you are interested you can reply to this topic or send me a pm here on Roll20.