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Session Add-ons not correctly adding into games

Trying to set up a new quest for my party, when loading in, i have selected the module and add-ons (Tyranny of dragons module, Xanathars Guide to everything, Tasha's cauldron of everything and Monsters of the multiverse). when adding my players in to have them create their characters, the Races for MOTM are not showing up for them, but showing up for me, and when we tried to transfer characters of races from MOTM, they do not allow us to level them up using any of the information from these add-ons. Any hints/tips?

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HI Swiftblade,  I am a bit confused, are you having problems with Addons or with the Compendium?  Character race information is Compendium, not Addon.  In case this is a Compendium issue, make sure you are sharing your Compendium with your players and that the books are "green".  You can do this by going to Click the name of your game (not launch) Click Settings Click Game Settings Scroll down to Compendium Settings and open that.  Make sure Sharing is marked yes, and the desired books are marked green.  Then click Save Compendium
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Hi swiftblade! Check the Compendium Sharing settings on your campaign details page. Make sure that: A) you have Compendium Sharing turned on for this game. and B) You have included MotM as a shared source.