So here's the Elevator pitch as it where:  "You find yourself captured in the middle of the night and transported to a strange world of silvery towers, oil guzzling steel horses, concrete homes and peoples who you might only see in the capitols of your land, your only hope in returning home being a silver collar locked around your neck that might lead to why you were  sent to this strange land on the first place." We would be using Discord for Voice chat and Roll20 for maps. You will be starting at level 3 just to bump up your health a bit, T here  will be Custom Races to the Setting; and I am open to the homebrew classes that are available, all classes within the Handbook and races 'within' the setting are available to mix and match .  I ask that you be 18+ for no other reason than banter. New Players are also accepted. Sessions will last from 7 pm to 11 pm CST, and we play every other Tuesday. If this interests you, then DM me and I can get you squared away on things about this custom world that I'm running.