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Dynamic Lighting - Player tokens not saving vision

Hell all - New to ROll20 DMing and I'm having an issue regarding dynamic lighting and token bars not saving.  I have vision turned on, but when I toggle night vision either on or off and press save settings, and then remove the token from the board, the changes are now being saved when I bring the token to any page.  the token bars do not appear to be saving either.   Last week I was using a macro I found to change sheets I had clicked, but not on my attempt today.  Regardless, I have been checking to ensure I pressed "save" and it is not. I don't know if this matters, but when I have been removing a token from a map or page, I have been using the delete button afterwards.  I have checked the tokens to character sheets and feel like I'm properly set up, but...   thank you in advance!   
I should also add that I am using TokenMod
Forum Champion
Hi Bill G.,  Remember that Save only saves it to that token. You then need to update it to the "master copy" (the character) if you want all future tokens to be the same.  To update, open the character, click edit, click the desired token, then click "Use Selected Token".  That updates the token to the character. 
Thank you, Gauss!  That worked.  I figured it had to be some type of token vs sheet connection, but I did not realize that I was missing a step. Again, thank you!  
Forum Champion
No problem, it helps to think of Tokens as copies of the Master Token. The Master Token is stored on the Character.  Any changes to a Token does not change the Master Token, unless you take that extra step. It is kinda a pain being set up that way, but the alternative is worse (where changes to tokens change the Master without you intending to do so).