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Simple upgrade to lighting to ease GM burden and make lighting more fluid

Score + 19

Edited 1709060714
I propose a simple clickable icon that contains pre-configured common lighting solutions so players can swap between light sources with a click, and without the GM having to edit multiple fields on every token every time the players want to change light sources. This would be amazing. If it isn't desired, a GM option to turn it off or just leaving it blank could probably work. It could even include color choice as depicted in my quick graphical approximation of what I'd hope it would be. This would help my players use their light sources in a more immersive fashion rather than waiting for me to go in and configure the bright, low light, and color of their current light source. Yes, it has come up a lot, and I think it would be a benefit to a lot of tables to be able to 'click a button' and have their character (or NPC's even, it can help GM's!) emit the light they need. Dark vision could be an option too for the spell as it isn't permanent in a lot of cases. BUT WAIT, WHAT ABOUT OTHER SYSTEMS? Good point! As an alternative implementation, these could be set up by the GM as a 'general access list' available to all tokens if system compatibility is a problem, especially since improvised light sources could be a thing in any game. With a pre-set list available to any token, The GM would just be able to 'set it up' and forget it - just configure the master list and add/remove as needed, and it pipes to all tokens! What an easy solution! TLDR: CLICK BUTTON, SELECT THING, DONE! FOR EVERY TOKEN, NPC OR PLAYER, LIGHTING IS SOLVED!
I'd have been able to use this in every game I've hosted, lighting is so important for mood

Edited 1709866492
To expand upon a possible way this could work; 'A' field items should be located in one place (like the settings pane) for ease of navigation. A-1: Option to enable token-based widget for lighting in game settings outside of the game and/or UI panel accessed in game A-2: Option to reveal the token-based widget to players (if GM's don't want their players using it for some reason but want to set it up themselves) A-3: A field that allows adding and removing light sources, defining bright and dim distances and any specific attributes of the light like color or cone, and enabling or disabling specific ones for player use (to prevent the players seeing, say, the 'light of the giant hagfish' they're supposed to fight next adventure, but still able to see 'underwater glowstick' to enable their underwater escapade.) A-4: A field that allows defining types of dark vision (temporary/spell based, racial, enhanced dark vision, etc., blindness possibly?) This should handle the features needed to make it useful. 'B' field items should be located on the token for ease of in-use access. B-1: Widget indicating lighting to occupy (preferably) the bottom right 'empty' space opposite the cog-settings widget on tokens. B-2: Drop down or scrollable lists for lighting and vision type for players to select (again as in A-3, allowing GM's to restrict availability if desired, these lists should respect that). B-3: Ability to enable, disable, and choose light, light color, or vision type directly after selecting the widget, simultaneously being able to do all three if possible. B-4: Possibly the ability to use multiple light sources simultaneously, for increased verisimilitude. Wielding Glowsnarl the 15 foot blue dim light shedding sword with a torch in your other hand should have -some- way to be represented (or maybe a candle and a bullseye lantern, for a mundane/more common example), this would be a nice bonus pickup. This should allow the GM to prepare lighting/vision types applicable to their game or add them on the fly to create immersive options available on any token with just a few clicks and without having to go into further UI panels. This also allows players to control their type of light source, freeing the GM from the 'book keeping' of dynamically adjusting lighting sources during a session that we all want to keep moving.
Agree it would put less work on the GM to concentrate on other things.