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[LFP] [5e] [LGBTQ+] [18+] Queer neurospicy group seeking players, any experience level


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Seeking 1-2 more players for long running campaign. I've been DMing this campaign since 2016 and we have a nice mix of experience levels since players have joined at various times. We're rules-lite, a little RP heavy, I'd say mix of RP to combat 60/40. I n about a month w e're starting over with a new campaign at level 1 running Lost Mines of Phandelver heavily modified with homebrew content and we'd love to have you join us. Us: We are all queer and in our 30s-40s.  One of us is a POC.  Several of us are neurodivergent. Practical details: Roll20 and Google Meet virtual game, Meets weekly Sunday 1pm-4pm EST Edited to add that as a queer group we're seeking other queer players. Allies, we love you, this is just a safe space. BIPOC to the front of the line
Hello Erin,  I would love to chat and see if maybe I would be a good fit for your group. I am brand new to playing DnD but I've been obsessed with it for years. I've read as much of the free online resources I could find and listen to multiple DnD podcasts. I've also made multiple characters in anticipation of finding a game. Let me know if you are still looking and what else you would like to know. Thanks.

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I might be interested! I usually play Palladium games, but DnD and me go back to 2E and I've played multiple editions (and half editions ;-) ). I have ADHD and have been recently diagnosed with autism, which was a revelation that explained a LOT about, well, a LOT! I'm a very open-minded bisexual cis man, not POC but all my in-laws are. Let me know if I sound like a good fit!