Greetings Adventurers! Our group is looking for 1-2 more intrepid souls to join our NEW Dungeons of Drakkenheim campaign. We already have four players, so we're looking for a couple more to add to the party. Here's a little bit of campaign information for the Dungeon Dudes themselves-&nbsp; "Fifteen years ago, Drakkenheim was destroyed by an eldritch storm of falling stars. Now, the city is a dismal urban wasteland contaminated by otherworldly magic and haunted by hideous monsters.&nbsp; Fantastic wealth, lost knowledge, and powerful artefacts lie ready for the taking by adventurers brave or foolish enough to venture into the ruins! ▪️ Designed for Characters level 1 to 13 ▪️ Exploration as your characters embark on dangerous expeditions ▪️ Specific interactions from faction leaders and NPC’s specific to the campaign ▪️ Character encounters of fierce battles with predatory beasts, mutated monstrosities and terrifying abominations produced by the mysterious meteor shower" The games I run focus on character decisions, thrilling action, and momentum. Expect to get a whole bunch of gaming packed into a 2-2 1/4 hour session.&nbsp;If you have ANY interest please message me so we can chat. Not every game is for every player, and not every player is for every group so there's incredible value in meeting up and seeing what's up. Take care! GM Ray Nagle &nbsp; &nbsp; Campaign Link-&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> &nbsp; This game will require payment to the Game Master at a rate of $20 to be paid before every session via paypal or CashApp. Roll20 is&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; not responsible for any payment transactions and cannot enforce any private arrangements.