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How to force image URL in rollable table content

So I'm trying to use the rollable table trick to show something based on the value of a character attribute. I created an attribute called 'elemental_stance', example value 'fire' Created rollable table called stancefire and added exactly one item with the value 'Take the fire stance [pic]( <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>)' Added this to a (5e) attack description [[1t[stance@{charactername|elemental_stance}]]] I was hoping it will show 'Take the fire stance' followed by the picture from the URL, but instead it shows 'Take the fire stance [pic]( <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>) ' I'm guessing the way the image link is parsed makes it behave like this. Is there a way to force the image to actually show, like it usually would if entered directly in chat?

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Sheet Author
I think you will need the Recursive tables mod to get images to post using a roll-able table. example; !rt[showicons|iconlabel:off] [[ 1t[stance@{selected|elemental_stance}] ]] I am not sure if you can send that from within the 5e description though... It will probably get parsed as text. I'm guessing that it may need to be included in a macro that rolls the attack and sends the roll-able table command separately.