Discord/Roll20 .  We use Discord for voice and game files and Roll20 as the Table Top. Game Sessions . Every Sunday from 6pm to 9pm EST. Game Rules [PF1]- Base classes/Races preferred but open to other ideas as long as they fit the setting Setting. [Conan]. The setting is adult, high grit, low fantasy and is based on the actions of the party will and can change the world around them. There is a healthy balance of RP-Story/Combat. Setting uses the world of Conan and its gods. Character Generation . The party is near level 9 and new players use the 25 point buy system and can pick from the core rule books races and classes as well as the human cultures of the world (Setting). Each player starts with basic gear and one masterwork weapon. While the world is predominantly human, other races do exist (Elves, Half Orcs, etc. etc.). Characters can be any non-evil alignment. Characters\players will have a backstory which can mesh into the storyline. Current Party Configuration- CImmerian Barbarian, Zamorian Rogue, Agrossean Rogue, Kushite Warpriestess. NPC Adept traveling with party to do mundane tasks such as camp set up and cooking. NPC Sorcerer (temp) travels with party to provide Arcane power but can leave is player chooses wizard or Sorc.