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Gurps 3e Bolt Action WW2- Lights out in Normandy


Edited 1710690702
Gurps 3e Bolt Action WW2- Lights out in Normandy The Axis is preparing for an impending invasion into Normandy. the Time is 1 year before D-Day. Can you and your team help turn the tide in the Allies favor. starting points are at 200. using 3rd edition and ONLY 3rd edition. All books from WW2 corebook to all the Allied corebooks allowed and provided via VTT pdf. playing via Roll20 and DISCORD Saturdays from 7-11pm cst Comment if Interested in playing this game is BI WEEKLY SESSION 0 is SATURDAY MAY 11TH  
seeking those who would be interested in this campaign
Currently have 1 player seeking 4 more....
Currently 2 players seeking 2-3 more
seeking players
currently have 3 players seeking 2 more  
we have 4 players just need 1 more 
seeking players
We lack 1 player from having a full group.. Give Gurps a try . message if you would play 
seeking players
just need 1-2 more players
seeking players 
Lost a player seeking 1 to take his place
seeking 2 players