Hey everyone, Boy... this one is a DOOZY. And for good reason! We recently just launched out Jumpgate beta for Pro users to check out - you can see conversations going on in the forum post here! The Jumpgate Beta for Pro Users has Arrived! The changes with Jumpgate as substantial and there are a lot of them. This is a big milestone and represents a complete re w orking of the lowest level of the Roll20 Tabletop. It makes use of a brand new rendering engine and aims to address and improve the overall user experience. You can find a comprehensive list in the change log down below! We also just launched the ability to have Shared Dice rolls for Roll20 Characters. This will allow any of your characters connected to a game via the "Add to Game" feature to also send a dice roll to the game itself and make playing both in and outside of the Roll20 Tabletop more seamless. Without further ado, check everything out! Mar 25, 2024 Roll20 Characters Sheets Made Traits enhancements to Developing Pathfinder Second Edition Remaster Character sheet: added references to trait definitions via tooltips within the sheet, and added badges to Agile, Finesse, and Deadly trait icons which include sheet automation. Mar 26, 2024 Roll20 Characters We released shared dice rolls on Roll20 Characters! This means that when you roll from your character (outside the VTT) and that character is in a game, everyone else can see the result. This will make it easier to play directly from the character in Roll20 Characters and still share in the anticipation of your critical success, or hilarious fumble. Have Fun! Mar 27, 2024 Roll20 Tabletop Jumpgate Beta Zooming has been greatly improved! Zooming should be overall more performant and much smoother. Zooming will now zoom to the location of your cursor Radial menus will remain in the correct position while zooming You can hold down the Shift key while zooming to do precision zooming Panning has been greatly improved! Panning should be overall more performant and much smoother. You can now freely pan around the entire area of the map, without being restricted by the bounds of the page. You can now place objects anywhere you’d like on the screen, including outside the bounds of the page itself.  Any objects that you place outside the page boundary will be visible to only the GM. The right-click context menu has been reworked with a brand new design In addition, we’ve surfaced many menu actions that were previously only available to players via keyboard shortcuts You can now perform actions on groups of objects all at once with the right-click menu including locking their position. We’ll now automatically choose a default Frame Rate Limit for you based on the quality of your detected graphics card. You can override this setting and change it manually still under the Settings tab, in the Graphics section. For Mac users, the CPU usage when joining a video call inside the Roll20 VTT using our Integrated Voice and Video platform has been greatly reduced, so you should have a better game experience. (We also rolled this out to non-Jumpgate games as well!) The Page Folders feature is always enabled for all Jumpgate games. Token bars, nameplates, and markers now scale down when the token is smaller than 1 cell and remain legible even at small sizes Token bars now have a max width and their text has better legibility The Fog of War system has been completely overhauled, and the Dynamic Lighting system has been unified into a single backend system. There's a new UI for the Fog of War tool that should make it more clear what it is that you're able to do with adding and removing fog. The basic Fog of War system is now integrated into the overall Dynamic Lighting system. So basic Fog of War and Permanent Darkness for Dynamic Lighting are now the same functionality. The Legacy Dynamic Lighting system has been removed and is not available in Jumpgate games. Pasting multiple times in a row will now spread out the objects you have pasted so you can easily see them and move them. Undo has been greatly improved, and we’ve added Redo! The Ctrl+Y/Cmd+Y shortcut will now Redo if you Undo something and want to revert your Undo There’s now support for undoing and redoing a wider variety of actions; we’ll continue to add more throughout the Beta. Undo and Redo are now page specific – so if you change to a different page and press Undo, you won’t have something weird happen We’ve begun the process of improving support for tablets and other touch devices. The performance is majorly improved Panning and zooming now work well, long-press to bring up the context menu works better, etc. Multi-gestures are possible (i.e. start a marquee select, zoom or pan, keep selecting) We’ll continue to work on making this a better experience throughout the Jumpgate Beta, but this work is still in early development. The Ping system has been completely overhauled We now have a new system for pings in the backend The default ping has been improved when you click and hold on the tabletop More on this coming soon! Improved keyboard movement for hex and iso/dimetric grid types You can now Copy and Paste doors and windows When dragging to select multiple objects with the marquee tool, you will now see immediate feedback on what you’re selecting Token tooltips are more responsive to hovering and are easier to see Auras resize dynamically with token and isometric circle auras are more accurately sized Pressing X to show previous movement toggles into a mode where all previous moves will persist until deselected Snap to edge for all grid types works We also improved snapping when resizing, and you’ll now see that tokens will snap at half and quarter size inside of a grid cell. Measurement distances when using hex grids should now work properly Mar 28, 2024 Roll20 Tabletop Jumpgate Beta That "ghost image" issue noted above where large images were leaving behind a ghost that wasn't responsive when you moved them should be fixed. The torch and default character icons should be working again. You should be able to turn on Dynamic Lighting without needing to reload the page. Using @{selected} with rolls/macros should be working properly. Dragging and dropping items from the Compendium (such as Monsters) onto the tabletop is now working correctly. We've changed how texture filtering works, and things should look much smoother and less blocky overall, especially for lower resolution tokens. We've adjusted the threshold for allowing mouse movement when doing a long-press to do a Ping -- this should make it feel more consistent so it happens when you want it to and not on accident. Toggling on/off Dynamic Lighting and Explorer Mode should no longer require a reload to actually activate. Fixed a bug which could cause the position to desync during multiselect. Dragging and dropping when the Pan tool is active should no longer have weird behavior. Mar 29, 2024 Roll20 Tabletop Jumpgate Beta Custom token marker sets (including Marketplace sets) should now be functioning properly. Jumpgate games should now respect the account-wide Pan/Zoom scroll default you have set -- this fixes the bug where after loading into a Jumpgate game you might have to toggle that setting to get it to "stick". The Explorable tab should no longer be indefinitely locked in the Fog of War UI The turn on and fill button should be working properly on new pages Fixed a bug where filling fog on Explorable mode was filling with Permanent Darkness Fixed a bug where the Fog of War menu was not updating when Fog was toggled from On->Off in Page Settings Using the Reveal All button should work immediately now without needing a refresh. Changing the tool while using the Fog of War polygon tool should no longer leave an artifact. Using the Resize to Fit function should no longer cause images to appear in an incorrect front-to back order. Using the Zoom to Fit function should no longer throw an error. Please check the  Change Log  for up-to-date information on releases.