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Allow Real Bluetooth connected GoDice to work with character sheets in roll20 (replace digital rolls with real rolls)


Edited 1711771855
I would like to have Roll20 allow a substitution from its digital dice rolling to allow the GoDice/Pixels Dice rolling (either set up ahead of time or by blinking the dice that need to be rolled based on an attack). You could still allow for this to be overwritten etc... Essentially what I'm asking for is the following: Select an attack from the character sheet, Roll 20 then prompts you to roll the attack and damage dice (real BT connected GoDice), These values then get fed back into roll20 for damage etc... Essentially they are a direct substitution for the digital dice in roll 20 now. This is currently happening with some other platforms, see the review of the GoDice, Timeline is set to a brief overview of the integration with Foundry below, but also includes roll20's current integration as well: <a href=";t=533" rel="nofollow">;t=533</a> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Edit: In the post above I mentioned GoDice directly but this is needed for pixels dice etc... (really any other dice integration) &nbsp;to make them really useful with all of the background math that roll20 is doing. I'm happy with roll20 and want to see this integration added!
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