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Copy Macros from one Game to another Problems

Hey, so i used Nick Olivos MrMacro to store all Macros in a character and copied it into a new Game.  But now i have the problem that I have a macro that the players use as TokenActions and that calls a lot of macros itself.  like this: /w @{selected|character_name} &{template:npcaction} {{rname=Action Menu}} {{description=**Offensive** [Attack](`#attack) -> for MrMacro i need  [Attack](~attack) [Grapple](`#a-grapple)  Ideas i had: -> Is there a way to give a different token the token action of the MrMacro Token? -> Copy all Macros from the MrMacro token to the Macros Page in roll20? -> Copy the single macro to the Macros Page but then i cannot call the other macros like ~attack
I can't find a link to that 'MrMacro' video by Nick Olivo, so I'm not 100% sure on how it is set up. But if the name of the macro on MrMacro is 'Menu', then here's what you can do: 1. Make sure that the MrMacro character is set with 'Edit and Controlled By' access for 'All' players. 2. Create a Universal Macro and set it as visible to 'All' players and set as a Token Action: %{MrMacro|Menu} &{noerror} That's the exact setup for my D&D 5E Statblock Macro Mule - a few universal Collections Macros that any player can use to call chat menus from a shared Macro Mule character. Alternatively you could create the macro on individual Characters for each player.  You still need to make sure that MrMacro is controlled by all players.
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Hi Lestrasil,  The  Macro Mule  is what Nick Olivio is basically showing.  What you posted appears to have some issues.  [Attack](`#attack) and  [Grapple](`#a-grapple) are  calling a macro on the collection tab macros. I do not recommend using this. It is sidestepping the point of the macro mule (to have all the macros easily accessible on one character).  Instead use:  [Attack](~attack) and [Grapple](~a-grapple) to call macro mule macros.  Regarding your other question about token actions, there are a number of ways you can do this:  1) Use the macro mule as the baseline for any character sheet. Duplicate the mule, rename it to a character's name, set up the character on the renamed mule.  2) Have players use the macro bar instead, give them access to the mule and let them assign the macro bar buttons.  3) Call the mule's Ability macros via the Collection tab's macros and assign the Collection tab macros to everyone as token actions.  Personally, I don't like #3 because then you are removing player control over their own token actions. I prefer option #1.  Regarding copying Macro Mule macros to the Collection tab macros, you don't want to do that. There are differences in how the two macro repositories work and Collection tab macros have problems, especially when it comes to HTML substitution. 
Thank you for the info, I will try your option 1) Gauss :)