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[LFP] [DCC] [P2P] [$17 per session] Raiders of Gunderholfen, A DCC Megadungeon Campaign [FRIDAYS 6:00 PM PST] [6 slots available] [New Players Welcome!]

<a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> Gunderholfen, a monument of shame looming over the Dwarven people since their tragic defeat during the Glimmerstone Wars. What was once was the pride of the Under-kingdom, is now nothing more than a rubble strewn wreck. The halls once filled with music and priceless art, is now the playground of deranged cultists, slobbering troglodytes, and greater evils best left forgotten. Only death awaits those foolish enough to roam these cursed grounds. You know, if you’re a coward. You and your cutthroat compatriots have left your mundane lives behind for gold and glory! You will not only be able to explore the 10 levels (and various associated sub levels) you can trek out into the surrounding wilderness! Between the legendary artifacts found in the depths and opportunities on the surface; perhaps you and your party can even find one of the legendary Glimmerstones… if you survive. So come you raiders and reavers! Gunderholfen awaits! ————- Session 0 will be used for the level 0 character funnel. I will be always ready for questions and concerns at the end of every session. Replacement characters will use the Virtual Funnel to speed up the replacement process. Games will take place weekly on Fridays at 6:00 PM PST I will have roll20 set up for the whole campaign. Maps will be provided for the entire Megadungeon along with the surrounding Wilderness. Rulebooks and other supplemental material will also be provided. Exploration is a must, several alterations have been made to the dungeon to decrease any linearity and provide substantial choice to the players. Character creation will follow standard DCC rules. A level 0 funnel will be provided to provide the origin of your Raiders; along with several new classes outside the base book will be allowed.&nbsp; A working microphone is needed, along with access to the discord server for voice chat. Characters will need to be created prior to the first session. I of course am available to help when needed. Access to the server will be given upon acceptance into the game. This game will require payment to the Game Master at a rate of $17 per session via Roll20 is not responsible for any payment transactions and cannot enforce any private arrangements. &nbsp; &nbsp;
Five slots left for the Upcoming session!&nbsp;