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FitD: Scum & Villainy Fridays 4pm-7pm pacific/UTC-8


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<a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> FitD: S&amp;V game rules. Set in my own world, not the book's Procyon sector lore. UPDATE: 5-6-24 Have 3, seeking one more to launch for weekly S&amp;V 4pm-7pm pacific. Keep getting a 4th during the week, but then back to 3 by friday. 4-26-24 Had 4, last minuet bail left us hanging. Decided to postpone launch till next week. Looking for 4th and room for a 5th. UPDATE: 4-18-24 Session zero still planned for 4-26-24. A player had to back out, now we have 3 and looking for 1 to launch, room for 2. UPDATE: 04-13-24 Made a lore dump post in the game's listing, feel free to ignore it. Players don't need to do lore homework. Your PCs are from here, nothing goes off in fiction without it being player informed. You'll be told if you run into such situations first so you can make an informed decision if you still want whatever to go off in fiction.&nbsp; A simple gauge of in lore norm is: If it would be typical here and now today(middle bell Western/American market culture): That's likely a 180 for what normal is like among within the Empire.&nbsp; The slang term for a typical Empire citizen is, Legit. But a lot closer to Fringer social norms, in terms of economy and social/power hierarchy stacking. Instead of the greater egalitarianism core of the Empire Legits, Fringers are more greed and power/position oriented. While still lacking in a bit of the social divisions we have IRL. Even among the Fringers, internal to their own groups, they are far more group oriented and socially easy than we might imagine such a visually diverse group of different aliens might be. Most everyone grew up in Empire legit life. They carry some it with them still, even if they didn't take to legitimate citizen life. Sandbox setting, players are free to find their own work for paying the bills, try to offer merc services while balancing who you piss off and who you take jobs form. Or try to get signed up to work for one of the established mobs, and have some real enemies instantly. A unique sci-fi world that seeks to not be typical. There is no oppressive empire anyone is rebelling against, no overtly evil "powers that be" among the United Systems Empire to bash on. The U.S.E is, from our IRL pov, practically utopia for these people. And yet free willed people cannot all march to&nbsp; the beat of the same drum, no matter how easy or polite that beat may be. Some people just choose to live life out away from the U.S.E. and face hardships they didn't need to, living life on their own terms out on The Fringes. Players need not be evil scummy baddies specifically, but whatever your angle is, it is on the outside of civilization and the law is not on your side for it. Be you open pirates, strong arm robbers, murder for hire, sneaky con artists, A-Team style vigilantes, or whatever else you dream up. Your path was one that eschewed the normal social order here. And that put you in a serious tiny minority of only about 5% of the Empire's entire galaxy spanning population. The ship is open for up to 5 crew max, currently have 2. Session 0/1 is planned for Friday April 26 4:00PM PDT. Assume 3 hour sessions, could go longer sometimes if everyone is into it at the time. Setup: Your gang is already a gang with established bonds of trust between them. Your PCs are not meeting n greeting for the first time, but entering a new point in their criminal careers. Before the campaign started,&nbsp; your crew were just one of many local planet side piddly gangs with no ship of their own.&nbsp; Now you got a ship, so now you're seen as real crew, and you'll get access to people, places, equipment, and opportunities, that had been beyond your reach before. In session 0 players decide what yall's&nbsp; "got our ship" story is (you owe somebody something), or that story may be played out as your first job attempting to acquire a ship.&nbsp;
Launching 4-26 if we can get a crew of 4. Have three need one more, room for two.
Had four, but a last minuet bail left us looking for one, room for two. We postponed launch till next Friday hoping to fill by then. take a look at the game info, and post in the linked thread if you want in. <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
had 4, but then only 3 by the time the friday session comes around. seeking 4th to crew a Scum &amp; Villiany ship.
I'm free Friday. It's my day off&nbsp;