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[LFG}[5E or PF] {EST} Looking for Game of Thrones game with RP and character development. (4 players)

We are 4 players, all experienced and looking for a GoT game using 5E or PF rule sets. We prefer high grit setting with real life situations like in the show.  We are free sundays from 6 to 9 EST if that works. Two players are experiened story writers. We are going to be taking a break from the conan game that is currently running to play GoT we do have character concepts ready to go with classes that would fit the book/show settings..
Still looking
I'm interested I'd like some more information on the campaign proper. I have a couple character concepts for this setting but would like to know what the general idea of the campaign is to figure out which would work best
Hey Dracon21. we are looking for a game of GoT but if we cannot find one, I'll start one using either 5e or PF1.   Our game will be set just after the death of the elderly Bran the Broken. With his peaceful rule coming to an end, the houses prepare to each put forth a noble for the throne but there are other forces at hand (Foreign) who wish to put their candidate on the throne.
Ok interesting most of my concepts wouldn't work but I could change some things up to make something. Admittedly most of my ideas required being either Pre or during the War of 5 Kings
you free to chat in discord?
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