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Deadland hell on Earth.

Classic deadlines hell on Earth. Think fallout with magic. Explore the radiated wastes of America. checking to see if there's any interest in this game. Abello multiplayer, 11:00 AM. To 7:00 PM. These are hours available, not the length I wanna run. Sunday Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday. day available.
Hey ball. You forgot to add time zone :D But sounds fun :D
Eastern standard time   are you familiar with the system at all? 
Still, hoping for a couple more players
quick question im only familiar with base deadlands how does hell on earth differ?
My understanding is that it just adds few more things into it. Specifically some magitech and western influences. Ruleswise its still just Deadlands.
I'm interested in learning new systems & trying out new game mechanics/settings ^_^ I'm on EST & can play midday most days (depending on avg sesh runtime)... What's the style as far as approx % breakdown of activities during play?
Well, we're gonna be playing on Monday with character creation, maybe a little combat. I don't know. what you mean by approximate plus, but I wanna have a nice friendly game where everyone has fun. We're gonna do like a 5050 role playing combat. Heavy on the role play.
If you host any sessions between Wednesday-Friday I'm available and would like to attend. The system is new to me, but I'm willing to learn!
No, we're playing on Monday between 5 and 8. Sorry, friend,