Rule Set: ASOIAF rule set. Settling: War of the 5 kings Time Frame (300AC) Starting from where the show started. Party is now in Winterfell. Robert Baratheon has notified Eddard Stark he                  is coming to Winterfell after telling him of the death of John Arryn, hand of the king. Houses: Any House in the North or from Essos (with approval). Current House: Iceburn (Frostwatch Castle, Bannerman of House Stark) Sessions: Every other sunday from 6 to 9 EST. Current Party : Cyrus Iceburn, 1st son of Wills Iceburn, swordsman 2 handed                          Cregan Iceburn, 2nd son of Wills Iceburn. Knight in training, swords man 1 handed                           Alyx Black, Master Smith                           Drenza, Healer                           Jorgan, tortured fighter, seeks redemption.  Loyal to the Iceburns who saved him from Roose Bolton. Simpleton but a giant of a man.                           Dagadera Doraellis (NPC) Bard, swordswoman (2h) and Bow  The game requires RP and combat is coming. We used discord for comms and roll20 for TT. There are stories written between sessions based on the bard's account of the actions of the players as told by her. There are also stories of events that the party is not party of but gives a little taste of what could come.  The players actions CAN change the course of events from the Books/Show.  The game is set and played in the fashion of the show. Adult, gritty, brutal but so was the show.  Players can come from any house in the north (or their allies) or from Essos (But not be slavers).  At the moment, Robert is enroute to Winterfell, the party found a dead raven with a note describing the actions of Daeneyrs and Vicerys in Essos, aided by Illyrio. They know what Robert is coming for but have yet to decide if they are going to Esso to try to deal with D & V or go to Kings Landing and protect Eddard Stark. The party has had one session and they are discussing their next course of action. "The possibilties are endless, we are unsupervised!" ~Dagadera Doraellis. "Let's not meet our end by being possibly unsupervised, Bard." ~Cyrus Iceburn. "You bleed, I sew you up. They bleed, they die." ~Drenza This is my first time running these rules sets but two players are masters at it. I have been DMing since there were read and blue books for dnd. Grab your sword and shield, Westeros needs you.