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(LFP) KULT: Divinity Lost

“Hey, you! I am talking to you so stop for a moment and listen. You are just sheeps waiting for slaughter. Doom is coming and no one can stop it. Stop it I said.” Older rugged homeless man is yelling at you from the sidestreet.  But no matter how much he is yelling, it seems that you are the only one hearing it.  But who would listen to the ramblings of an old doomsayer right? You have a nice job, a great place to live. All is good for you. After all, what is the worst that could happen in our world? News tells you about murder, robbery or assault. Sometimes it's stupid kid with a fast car causing troubles. But life goes on and all seems good. Yet there he is. Every morning. Yelling obscenities your way like no tomorrow. “Wake up you crap. It's time for you to see the true world. It is ending and you need to wake up.” It is so bad that even in your dreams you see shimmering buildings towering over the highest skyscrapers. Red hue hides any light or stars that are usually there. And then there is that eye, where is it from and why every time you see it, you wake up drenched in sweat. It is almost like a ritual. Morning you are yelled at to wake up yet every night similar pictures are keeping you sleepless. Not even doctors can help.Your world, your sanity, everything is slowly crumbling apart. It is truly time to WAKE UP . Welcome everyone to what can only be described as your probable first foray into the theater of mind, a place where your worldview crumbles and the Veil slowly unfolds right in front of your eyes. Place unlike any other, a place where humans, at least those that are truly awake, fight for what is left. And how about you? What will you do? There is not much time before you go crazy and end up locked behind bars in some sanatorium. For some it might be a preferable outcome, but is it for you? Or are you a true fighter? Are you someone who is willing to dig deep into matters of things, find clues and piece the whole truth together? In the seat of power, the navigator immortalized, illuminating the path, to the sleeping priest and fletcher. That is to say. If you read this far. Welcome to the KULT: Divinities Lost system. This is quite the horror stylized game and this is absolutely not for the faint of heart or those that have issue handling differences between reality and game. Being an adult is also mandatory as there will be plenty of mature themes. So if this is something you are looking for, I welcome you. I am not worried about teaching you rules of the game(They are not difficult after all). So even if you never played before it is ok. All I am asking from players is to be on time and dedication to game. Game will be Bi-weekly on Saturday starting at 8PM GMT+2 and goal is to have about 4 hours long sessions. If you are interested please pm me your discord contact so we can have a short interview to see if it all works together. And thus as it preordained. I welcome you into the world beyond the veil. To the true world, to The Secret World . 
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Stil have 2 slots open.

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