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[LFP][5e][Living World][West Marches] Seeking Adventurer's for a Grimdark Sword Coast conversion, come join us!

Hey there adventurer! I'm one of the Dungeon Masters for an epic west-marches style campaign and we are looking for new players that want to find adventure and carve out a little niche for themselves in the Wraith Coast. So if you're interested in D&amp;D 5th Edition, playing in an ever changing and evolving setting with a wide and diverse cast of players and characters, we would love for you to look us up. Here is a little bit of what we have to offer, and a link to our LFG. Newforge&nbsp; is a small city built around the reclaimed ruins of Castle Dragonspear. Mystery, intrigue, adventure and excitement around every corner within the walled city, and that pales in comparison to what's lurks outside the walls... Who is this kind of game good for? People who may have busy schedules who can't always commit to the regular "same time every week" style of play. People who are as into the exploration and combat pillars of the game, as uncovering the land and breaking new ground is a big focus of the game! People who don't mind playing with a different cast each time they play. People interested in world building! D&amp;D is a collaborative game, and this campaign allows even more ways to shape the world around you! What We Offer... Multiple active and enthusiastic dungeon masters willing to run games throughout the week. Friendly community that are always interested in playing with new players, even if you're entirely new to 5th edition. Operating in the main time zones around the world (North America &amp; United Kingdom). Unique Mechanics&nbsp; for you to build new and interesting characters with! A dedicated online website/server, detailing all characters, NPCs, locations, factions, shops and more! A Pro-licensed Roll20 game with extensive API support for lots of ease of play features. Build up to two characters, and take whichever suits the plot of the adventure or group best. Automated downtime days that allow you to spend downtime outside of game on dozens of activities (crafting, research, exploration, etc.) via our Discord server. Dedicated Role-play chat rooms on our Discord server. Get your RP fix literally anytime 24/7! A friendly community to hang out with at any time! If you're still interested, take a gander at our LFG page below and be sure to post there! <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>