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[LFP] [DnD 5e+others] [GMT+1/CET] Looking for one person to join our group of nerdy adults.

We’re a group of 4 people between the ages of 29 and 31 looking for another player and/or DM to join our group. We have mostly been playing DnD 5e but are also open and plan to play other systems. We play weekly on Thursdays from 19-22 (GMT+1) (CET) with a precall starting 30 minutes before. We play on roll20 and use discord for communication purposes. What we look for in you; Are over the age of 25, mature and used to speaking with other adults. Experience is not required but welcomed.  Someone to join our group long term whether you join as player or DM or both Are comfortable with using Roll20, voice communication, seeing your players on webcams, etc. Are consistent and reliable. The last point is pretty important to us. We are four working adults who structure our work and private life around having our nerdy Thursdays together. Of course cancellations can happen, but we try to keep it to a minimum. What joining our group will give you; A functioning group of adults who know each other, humor included, drama excluded. Engaging players who are willing to invest themselves in the joined narrative, roleplay, and combat alike. Four folks who are consistent and reliable. Enjoyable Thursdays evenings with a bunch of nerds involving banter and serious gameplay. Please write a short description of yourself as a person, your experiences with playing/DMing, your preferences in terms of games/playstyle, and how you see yourself fit into the group. We will contact you further if we see potential in your application.
I would so join but the time doesn't work out for me. I get off work at 4pm (16:00) cst >> 10pm (22:00) your time.  I'll still be at work sadly 
Hi everyone. Stephen here. I'm 39 and have been playing D&D for about 10 years, with 95% of that time as a DM. Most of that time has been in 5E, but have played other additions (3.5 & 4). I live in Mainland Europe, so time and day is perfect for me. In regards to being a regular and consistent group member I have been running my current campaign for over 2 years now and I am happy to provide references from my players. (We started at level 5 and the party is currently at level 13) As a forever DM, (Dont get me wrong I still love DMing and that won't change) I would really like to play again. As a player I am very big into buying into the story and the world and seeing my character develop. I am not a min / maxer, and actually prefer having constraints / flaws in my characters because I think it makes them more interesting.  Likewise I tend to write detailed backstories with enough gaps so the DM has room to add their magic. I don't have a preference for classes, and can slot in most places if there is a specific gap in the party that needs filled. My real passion for the hobby is the roleplay aspect. Although I do love a good fight (who doesn't) , I love making meaningful stories. I don't do funny accents, but I would say I am a pretty creative player who gives space to other players so their stories can shine too I don't rules lawyer as I know how frustrating that can be, as I am a DM myself. Happy to answer any thing else. Thanks!
Hey everyone, If you're still looking for a player i'm intrested in joining. I'm J.J, 26 years and from mainland europe. I'm new to DnD, so i got no experience but more than willing to learn the rules and do some research. Due to the lack of experience in DnD i got no real prefrence on how i want to play the game. I have never been late to an appointment. I have played football/soccer for a long time and i was never late and was always there for games and trainings. regarding how i fit in to your group, i will be the silent force in the background picking up task that other people don't want to pick up. If you got any other question, please DM me and ask away.
I'm interested in joining im 26'yeara old from the UK love playing DND and wouldn't mind trying other TTRPGS of you wanna know more you're more then welcome to dm me on here :)

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Heya! My name is Sindre, which is a Norwegian name so it might sound odd to all of you, but that's alright because the origin of the name roughly translates to "Sparkle!" ;). I am 33 years old and I currently live in Germany. I have some experience with playing DnD5e (DM'd actually), for a group of friends who have gotten more and more busy leading to me finally looking for a group of my own to play with. I would like to get to play a character of my own. I have a decent grasp on the rules I've encountered during my games, but there are quite a few of them out there so I might not know all of them. I will say, that I am still relatively new to roleplaying a character but I would love to experience, learn and build one. Roll20 is something I have never really used besides the general tutorial. So some patience with that would be great as I have only played through real-life sessions and two sessions with Foundry. But it should be doable to learn. ;) When it comes to being able to show up on time that should be a non-issue as I have a lot of free time during the weekdays. The timezone difference (1 hour) should pose no issue at all. As for what I would like to experience with a group like yours is a fun and exciting time together getting to play around with the roleplaying aspects, story building and roll the dice once in a while to (hopefully) get us in and out of whatever shenanigans we got ourselves into. How do I see myself fit into the group? Honestly, that is a hard question. In-game I would want to help create memorable moments, big and small, sad and happy. I have an idea for a slightly non-conventional Monk I've been toying with, but I am open to play just about any class. I think a chat to get the vibe of the group together or a short one-shot or the like would be great. I would love to learn and experience the world that we would be playing in. Out of the game, it would also be nice to just get to know new people who share a nerdy hobby. Maybe play some other games together if there is interest in that. Feel free to DM me if there is anything you'd like to know.