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Looking for players. Call of Cthulhu. New players welcomed

I am looking for evening players for some Call of Cthulhu. The days I am looking at are Thursday, Friday, or Sunday. I will be able to start no earlier than 9 PM ET and I would like to for at least 3 and a half hours. I can do more if the group is up for it. If you are new to CoC, or just new to role playing games in general, then do not worry. I can get you up and running quickly with this game, and you do not need any of the books for the game. You will be able to learn the game while playing and having fun. You don't need to know any of the lore either. In fact, not knowing will help you get into the game. I am new to using Roll 20. I have skme basic understanding, but nothing fancy. I will continue to practice, and find ways to enhance your experince.  I should note that CoC is a Horror based game, and usually is set in the 1920s. I say this because some of the content might be upsetting. Beyond normal horror stuff, I am also talking about the human element too. We can discuss one on one if there is something you cannot handle. It is a game. It is suppose to be fun, not upsetting.  One more thing, I prefer to use the Pulp Cthulhu rules. It gives the game more grace for action scenes. That way you will have a chance to fight like Brandon Fraser in the Mummy, and not be like some victim in a slasher movie.
Slasher movie victims tend to have less horrible endings than your typical Lovecraft character ha ha. i’m potentially interested. Depending on the day and how long it’s decided to go with a session. I’ve run a handful of Cthulhu campaigns here and there over many years, but I haven’t really had much chance to play. I’m in Pacific time so it wouldn’t be too late for me.
Sounds good. Did you run any published scenario?
Hello, I am interested in this, I've been getting into more Lovecraftian horror recently. One question though is this queer/disability friendly just wondering.
Absolutely. Don't be afraid to let me know if anything makes you uncomfortable, or if I mistakenly offend anyone. My goal is to make sure the game is fun, and I am willing to adapt or adjust the story and game as needed. You can share with me in a pm anything you think I should know. Thank you for asking.
Hi! I had the chance to play a few years ago and I loved the setting! Would love to play if it ends up on Thursdays! 
I am still looking if anyone else wants to join. I am getting schedules together over the next few days.
Hey, Mr. Boddy, I've been looking for a Call of Cthulhu group for a while now, I'd love to play!
I would be interested if you still have room at the table! :) 
I will have a session on Sunday night with those who are interested. Message me if you want to join.
Hello. I am 23 years old and have never done anything like DND or Call of Cthulhu role play. I have a very open schedule and would love to be shown the ropes. How can I get in on something beginner friendly?  Thank you for your time in advance. 
Hello, if there is still place i would love to join, im new to dnd, and i would love to learn, and traumatice myself with lovecraftian creations
Hi there. Might have found this too late. I'm looking to play more Cthulhu. Sunday nights I normally play and run online (Skype/Owlbear Rodeo) with a Winnipeg group but that's not happening this week. Mind if I sit in on this (June 2) Sunday's session if that's the day you guys are playing. Friday would have worked best for me but I guess Sunday worked for the players. I run 4th edition (house rules) Call fo Cthulhu rules on Thurdays with a local Toronto D&D group live and occassionally online (Discord/Roll20- so I have a little bit, but not much familiarity with Roll20). Never played Pulp Cthulhu but want to.
I’m interested if you are still looking for players. cheers, ben