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A better way to clean up an account?

I'm trying to go through and clean up old campaign art, music tracks, etc.  And to put it frankly, it's a completely nightmare.  Every single track or image removed requires multiple confirmations and then it lags doing the actual deletion.  It will take me literally dozens of hours to clean everything up at the current rate. Is there another better method for doing this?  I know sadly we do not have direct access to the file library, but is there an API or something that can make this less painful anyone knows of?
The Aaron
Roll20 Production Team
API Scripter
Unfortunately, there isn't a way to help with this from the API.  The API only has access to the state of a game instance, it doesn't have account level access to things like your art library (I wish it did!). My only recommendation would be to open multiple tabs to allow you to start the delete process on many different items concurrently.
Forum Champion
Hi GM,  It shouldn't require multiple confirmations for images. Are you deleting them in the Art Library tab or in the Art Library's popup window called Recent Uploads? You can mass delete items in that window. 
Forum Champion
Marketplace Creator
API Scripter
I think Gauss is referring to Folder View :

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Forum Champion
Oops, yes. It was only "Recent Uploads" because I was in that section. My bad. :)