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[5E] [Weekdays] Multiple OneShots >> Possible Campaign [Beginners Welcome]


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Running One-Shots with different groups to find long-term campaign players. Time Daily 9pm EST (6pm PST,&nbsp; 11am AEST) Different days each week Style D&amp;D 5e / Forgotten Realms / Gritty Heroic / Immersive / Core Races &amp; Classes / Adults Only Platforms Roll20 (Maps/Video) &amp; Discord (Text/Voice) Additional Info Experienced DM.&nbsp; Beginners VERY welcome.&nbsp; The balance of role-play to combat depends on the players.&nbsp; Character actions have consequences, and character death is always a possibility. PHB, SCAG, XGE only.&nbsp; Homebrew is limited to a few optional rules for combat, movement, and injuries. Role-play heavy:&nbsp; &nbsp;That doesn't mean mostly social interaction and funny voices, rather, decisions and behavior should reflect a PCs race, background, and setting -- not the player's point of view. Tone:&nbsp; low-magic, gritty heroic.&nbsp; It's a game of life and death, not a slapstick comedy! Quasi-medieval.&nbsp; Although it is a fantasy setting, verisimilitude is important for engagement and immersion. Expect to encounter NPCs who adhere to morals and values we might consider inappropriate in the modern world. To Join Fill out the Session Zero Questionaire: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>

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Added more times:&nbsp; Monday May27 and Weds, May 29