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[LFG] [5e][Flexible][GMT] Very available and flexible storytelling focused player open to join a group or community.

Hello I am a young but experienced player in my twenties looking for a group of similarly aged people who would like to play together and establish a group, hopefully not just one where playing is the sole forcus but also one where I could meet and connect with a diverse and active group of people. I would be down to play multiple different types of systems but would target my personal preference towards systems that have a fantasy setting or something of that nature. I've played a lot of d&d both as a player and some as a DM. I am down to play anything from a one-shot to a campaign as long as it seems like the right fit. I enjoy most things about TTRPG's but would say my focus and best qualities when playing would be in the area of roleplaying and bouncing creative ideas with dm's and other players. I love doing voices, acting out funny, sad, dark or even weird scenarios and love epic overly detailed finishing moves in combat (think HDYWTDT). I take showing up on time, respecting my fellow group members, inclusivity and fairness very seriously and do have quite high standards when it comes to the people I'm willing to sit around and play with, mainly on the social and communicative side of things and putting in effort to actually be a part of a group. Sorry but I am not looking for a group filled with old dudes who all think, sound, act and play the same, that's not my jam, I am looking for a diverse and progressive group with different interests and backgrounds who I better socially jam with. What I bring to the table is hopefully good qualitiy rp and acting, a very fluent english speaker, a pretty chill and respectable attitude. I can play through mic, I prefer using cameras when playing or hanging out, I'm cool with anyone wanting to record or stream and I'm all for outside activities like playing other games, creating memes on a server, writing new stories or just hanging out and shooting the shit. My other interests outside of playing include football, fitness, anime, food and strangely enough early 2010s  supernatural teen drama shows. Do not comment directly on this post, dm me instead.
You can check my game out if it interests you. You're playstyle seems like a good fit. It's a new game so can't say how we'll be as a group.&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>