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Looking to Play One-on-One

Hi there. So, I'm looking to roleplay out a grand, romantic tale about people living in a castle during a siege. What Hollywood and pop culture tend to make us forget is that castle sieges often went on for MONTHS. So, this would be an RP about characters in the castle getting to know each other and forming bonds that will keep them alive when the battles resume again, all the while trying to hold out until help arrives. I have a few characters for this already, but I would like a partner in this RP. Said RP partner can play just one character or several. As I implied before, I would like there to be a romance in this (particularly with the elf princess character I've come up with). Obviously, nothing explicit (she's a princess , after all). There can be other romances too. I'm not set on any particular system. I have some homebrew systems of my own that we can use, or we can RP it without a system at all. I just really want to go through this story with someone. Please message me if this would interest you.
..... Would you mind a Steampunk Soldier from a Noble Family?
color me quite interested. Always nice to play this setting. is this PbP? I know I have several wonderful characters to make and put in.
@Stormfox, Yes, this would be Play-by-Post. Shall we go into direct messages and talk characters?