As the Necrontyr wage their War in Heaven against the Old Ones, countless thousand upon thousand dynasties rise and fall. One such among them is the Kel’thekh(Kel-tek). A resplendent dynasty that has laid claim to countless worlds at the behest of their Phaeron Kel’thuzan; a wizened Overlord who treats his subjects with respect. As an avid learner of the ways of the Cryptek, Kel’Thuzan employs those who mean the best for Necrontyr-kind, not just those with ample skill with scythe and hyperphase blade.  As the eons pass, Kel’Thuzan and his followers are put through the horrifying blessing of Biotransference. This esoteric process will perhaps prolong the lifespan of the Kel’thekh, but it may also spell their doom. On their frigid world of Northrakh, the Kel’thekh await The Great Awakening, so they may better serve their Phaeron and the Necrontyr as a whole with bodies made of nigh-impervious Necrodermis. It is now the 41st millennium, and there is only war. As the great Tomb Worlds of the Necrons, once known as the Necrontyr begin to awaken, the Kel’thekh Dynasty is once again prepared to make their mark on the histories…but all is not what it seems. The many millions of years of dormancy has taken its toll on not just the dynasty’s systems, but that of others as well. What should have been a Great Awakening may yet be just a whimper…unless heroes of this day and age step up and secure a future for their immortal race.  In a galaxy filled with vermin it is up to the chosen children of the Necrontyr to restore order to a lawless void of stars and blackness… The Game:  D&D 5th Edition The Rules:  Modifications will be made to better fit the setting. The party will start at level 5 and there will be some class restrictions. The party will be made up of characters constructed using powerful homebrew rules that reflect the indomitability of the Necrons. The difficulty of the game will match this newfound power.  The When:  Every other Tuesday from 7:30pm EST to 11PM EST The Where:  Roll20 for character sheets, rolling, and maps. Discord for voice chat. A decent quality mic with minimal background noise/breath interference is required.  The What:  Join us for a long-lasting campaign that will explore just what it’s like to be one of Warhammer 40k’s most recognizable “races”, a Necron.  Themes : Adult, LGBTQ++, Violence, Etc. While the galaxy is a dark place I have no plans of forcing anybody outside of their comfort zone. Upon your induction into the group, you will be asked to fill out a little survey/comfort zone sheet.  Knowledge : This is a game that is to be taken seriously by those who have at least passing knowledge of Warhammer 40,000 and the Necron faction.  At this point I am looking for 2-3 players.