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GM Looking for Players for Longterm DnD 5e Campaign

Hello I'm launching a DnD campaign and would like to create stories. Characters will be starting at level 3, and in terms of your character you have access to whatever official published materials there are. It will be ran theater of mind, over discord - but for organizations sake we will be rolling in roll20. Anything homebrew will have to be ran through by me, and we will have a session 0 to align expectations. Looking forward to hosting for you guys, thanks!

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interested, my time zone is UK.&nbsp; &nbsp;My schedule is pretty flexible. I am pretty open to playing in any long-form campaign with a focus on world building and story and about 30% combat. I really want to try out playing a&nbsp; pure Hexblade or a Bard/sorcerer of some kind. I am a player in my early 20's. I am ok with joining a running campaign. If your open to it I would like to play a Scion homebrew below if allowed. <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
Could also be interested depending upon game time. I’m in South Africa (so UTC +2). Experienced role player but still getting the hang online play and tools. I’m a 55 year old man, happy to play classes and races that make most sense for a new campaign.
Our GM is committed to creating a collaborative and inclusive environment where players can fully immerse themselves in the fantasy world. We're looking for players who are enthusiastic, reliable, and ready to contribute to a dynamic and evolving narrative. If you're interested in joining this long-term DnD 5e campaign, please visit our website for more details and to apply. Let's roll some dice and embark on an unforgettable adventure together!
Hello, i am a very new DnD player and very new to RP so i might not be good at it but i want to try. I am in another campaign where people will show me the ropes atm. Im 36 from Norway and my time is very flexible unless its working hours.
hey guys, the campaigns im running are full but if you're interested in one shots i will still run them occasionally on the discord. all ages are fine for one shot games and the only restriction in campaigns is 18+
Hi Zachary, I am an experienced D&amp;D player, new to Roll20. I am a creative, fun and collaborative player, looking to join a campaign. My location: Montreal Canada (Eastern time). Let me know if I can join your campaign. Looking forward to hearing back from you.