Hey folks! I'm a bunch of different names, but you can call me Io, or Cupcake. I've enjoyed playing TTRPGs in the past, mainly D&D 3.5, and both Pathfinder editions. I'd love to join a game of either PF2e or D&D 5e and get back into playing. A bit about me: I'm 33, I use it/its pronouns, am agender, and a general goofy lil person. I REALLY like character based games and roleplay. Combat is by far my least favorite thing in a TTRPG. I enjoy making atypical characters, or characters I think will help make things more interesting. For instance, I had an old character that was a merfolk Oracle in Pathfinder, and(with GM approval) gave her some fun quirks, like narcolepsy. Another one was a pixie type homebrew race that had a chance to swap alignment whenever she cast a spell. My most recent character was an automaton investigator who was an old timey private eye(Kinda inspired by Nick Valentine from Fallout lol). I strongly prefer to find non-combat solutions to problems and encounters, but I understand combat is a necessity to the game sometimes. my schedule is pretty open, and I'm available 95% of the time. Preferably, I'd be more interested in a game based in a US timezone, but I'd be willing to do a European game for the right group. As far as game content goes, I'm also pretty open, though I'd like 18+ content to be an available option, but not the focus of the game. Oh, and it should go without saying, but queer friendly game is a must.  If you'd like to extend an invitation to talk and get to know more specifics about me, I'd be happy to chat! It's a lot easier to message me on my discord(available in my profile), since I routinely forget to check this site. I'll try to keep an eye on this, but no guarantees! I hope to hear from you!