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[LFP] [D&D5e] 3-4 Players for a long-term homebrew campaign


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Hello all! I am but a humble Dungeon Master seeking a group of dedicated table top gamers for my homebrew campaign. I am seeking 3 players at minimum and 4 players at maximum, to play once a week on either Tuesday or Wednesday. Sessions will be anywhere from 2 hours minimum to 4 hours at absolute maximum, with a 15 minute break somewhere in the middle. We must conclude before 5:00 PM CST on both days, so sessions will most likely begin anywhere from 12:00 to 2:00. The specific session time will be determined as I hear from potential players. My world has just about everything in it, so you can play basically whatever kind of character you want. However, you will be starting in a region of the world with pirates and cowboys as its main theme. The campaign will begin in a city full of pirates, but from there you'll be able to go where you please. Note.  This is not exactly how your characters story has to go! Just a pitch. Setting/Pitch:  You make your way down the gangway and onto the dock, pausing a moment to take in your surroundings. You've arrived in the infamous pirate stronghold of Maraisville, a city whose only law is violence and coin. As you take in the smell of salt, rotting fish, and filth you catch a glimpse of a group of men wearing black bandanas mugging some poor Halfling in broad daylight. One of the people you travelled with informs you that the men with the black bandanas are the Dread Reavers, and that they're not to be messed with. You take note of that, steering well clear of the men as you step off the docks and onto the narrow cobblestone streets. As you go you dodge vendors trying to sell you strange wares and drunkards stumbling carelessly.  You work up quite a thirst, and quickly you find yourself standing outside a building labeled "The Open Casket: Brewery & Saloon." Stepping inside, you find 3 other people gathered around the bounty board... Starting Time: Hopefully, we'll be able to start in about 3 weeks, either June 11th or 12th, but things will change if need be. Since I already have an established setting, I don't need much time to put things together. But, scheduling a session 0, sorting through applicants, and allowing players time to come up with characters may take some time. Experience: As long as you vaguely know how to play the game, you're good to go. If you need any assistance or help I am more than happy to provide. Medium: We'll be using roll20 and Discord. About the DM My name is Mike, a 21 year old man from the mid-west. I recently graduated college, and before I go off to grad school I'd love to start up a (hopefully) long-running campaign. I've been playing D&D for maybe 4 years now, and been working on this setting on-and-off for maybe 1 to 2 years. I tried GMing this setting before, but unfortunately had to end things only 3 sessions in, but those 3 sessions were awesome. I heavily encourage roleplay and socialization between players and NPCs, but will also have frequent combat encounters with maybe one per session. I encourage players to work with me to create a character who suits the setting and love incorporating the stories of the characters into the campaign itself as major story arcs. I encourage open exploration, and would describe my style as basically open world. WHAT I WANT FROM PLAYERS:   In no particular order: Be an adult. Literally, please do not apply if you are under the age of 18. Be available for the specified time. A good attitude, a willingness to cooperate with your party members and GM, be flexible, and have a good time. Be engaged, and show interest. Roleplay! Roleplay! Roleplay! Be willing to engage with homebrew content and house rules. This is a two-way street, as I encourage homebrew from players. Sexually explicit content. Some risqué or suggestive stuff is fine but if it gets explicit its a fade to black. No exceptions. No intentionally overpowered/broken or underpowered builds. Such as coffeelock or a Wizard with a -3 INT. I love strong PCs and having a flaw is cool but I don't want PCs who can play the campaign single-handedly or are useless. No murder hobos. I love silly characters and silly stuff in general, but I expect enough seriousness that this won't devolve into a joke campaign. For Inquiring Players Please reply to the form using the following template. Feel free to add more if you like. I will consider every application. Name: (preferred name or username is fine) Gender:  Age:  A bit about yourself, as a player and a person:  What do you like most about D&D?:  What type of characters do you enjoy playing? What's your favorite class(es)?:  Questions for me?: 
Name: Maddie  Gender: female  Age: 21 I'm very green to  DND and know the basics purely from youtube shorts.  What do you like most about D&D?: I’m a role-play writer, so it’ll be interesting to do an actual character instead of just writing it. What type of characters do you enjoy playing? What's your favorite class(es)?: Don’t really have a room for a class, though the barbarian does seem the most interesting to me. Questions for me?: 
Name: Kyle Gender: Male Age: 25 A bit about yourself, as a player and a person: I'm a pretty big nerd when it comes to the Fantasy and Sci-fi genre. I am also pretty chill most of the time and am pretty flexible when it comes to events happening in Campaigns but once I get immersed in the story and campaign then I am all in.    What do you like most about D&D?: The immersive roleplay and story writing while also meeting all sorts of interesting characters and being a part of the adventures revolved around them. What type of characters do you enjoy playing? What's your favorite class(es)?: So far I enjoy playing as a fighter, Barbarian, and Paladin but I am always open to trying out different classes based on the type of character I am thinking of creating.  Questions for me?:
Name: shane Gender: Male Age: 26 A bit about yourself, as a player and a person: I've been playing DND for years and was one of my favorite past times I used to have a larp group with my friends to, but I joined the military so now I'm far from home and have a lot of downtime and was really hoping to jump back into a game I've always loved high fantasy setting and being able to be creative and problem solving especially with puzzles and riddles, I like the escape from reality and being able to learn a new world and all it's intricate things that come with it. What do you like most about D&D?: I enjoy the vast story telling possiblities and teamwork aspect of it all. What type of characters do you enjoy playing?: I like support more like warlock or cleric I tend to try to stay out of the way and focus more on the roleplay aspect, I've been thinking of a wizard character that I've been wanting to try out

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Name: John Gender: Male Age: 22 I have been playing DnD for a number of years now, namely 5e, but I started out with 3.5, and I'm dabbling with pathfinder 1e currently. As for a general description of myself, I'm a massive fantasy nerd who is perfectly willing to role-play. I love making a story based on my character's actions and thoughts, as well as talking and role-playing with other players to just have an overall awesome time.  I love DnD and RPGs in general because of the freedom it provides and the endless possibilities it can potentially supply. As well as working with a group of other people to solve problems and just get up to entertaining shenanigans. My go-to classes are Wizard with an assortment of different subclasses and the fighter due to how versatile they can be.