Looking for long term DM, to do one on one sessions. I'd like to get the chance to enjoy some free time, without DMing all the time. I am, as noted in the title, looking for a DM for a  solo  game. I'm free Mons, Tues, Weds, and early Saturdays. I don't do post by play games. I'm open to any system. A good go to is D&D, but I'm good with Star Wars Saga ed, Shadowrun 5 - 6e, Warhammer fantasy or 40k, and pathfinder, or starfinder. I got more than hundred ideas of how or where to go with the characters.  If D&D I'd like to play around with three ideas of telling the stories of one of the three possible characters. A quirky fey wizard/paladin on run trying to hide a powerful tome from evil so he got wrapped to material realm to find someone powerful enough to use the book.  A noble monk in Wuxia universe trying to stop an invasion of unknown forces trying to take over his world but sees that his family is involved in it in the wrong way so now he has to restore honor to his name and hopefully bring back since to his family. D&D has Ieskaied itself into are modern day world and now everyone trying to figure out how to survive as the world goes to hell. Now forced to get good or die they knowledge of D&D is needed and fact that there are ancient powers at work to test him for good or for bad. Very Solo Leveling theme.   Just few examples.  I prefer to do  some  worldbuilding with the DM, so that we have expectations of at least  some  of what is possible. I'm open to whatever and long as it's not meat grinder, I've done enough of that with parties. Otherwise shoot me a message here in the thread, or PM me, please put "Lets SOLO!" in the subject line.