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{LFP][DnD5e+IKR] Dieselpunk Fantasy in Homebrew world

     (This game will either run on Tuesday or Wednesday depending on what works better. Possibly weekends too. Likely 6pm GMT-5) I'm planning on running a game in my Homebrew setting "Rift" and having the party play as mercenaries in the town of Hag's Berrow. A place where diesel is produced from the sap of a giant tree and refined into fuel. Technology wise, it's similar to the 1920's with some advancements here and there. Radios, diesel carts, automatons, and other things. Magic wise, it still exists in the world of rift but it's out of favor with rise of industry. Not to mention the icor that taints the veins of mages in these times, morphing them into monsters if left inside their bodies. I got a Pantheon of gods for the setting and other lore we can discuss later.  We will be playing on Discord on voice.  As a DM, I tend to add serious consequences to my games and play NPCs as morally grey. Looking for people that are used to making grim choices and understand how it'll effect the setting. Homebrew content is allowed BUT I'll have to approve of it first. As for books, I plan on using the Iron Kingdoms Requiem books along with normal D&D stuff. Just replacing coal powered weapons with Diesel and changing other things. Here's some homebrew rules I'm adding to the game. --------------------------------------- Fear & Hunger: Yes, I know the game of that title. These are just two rules I like to put together for more emersion and such. Much like other stats, player will have a sanity score based on their Int and Wis. Sometimes you're facing down a horrifying beast and makes your legs tremble. Hunger on the other had effects your rations. Instead of a set amount, you roll a die and see how much you eat. Eating and resting well will regenerate your Hit dice. L.I.M.Bs: Nat 20's can remove the limbs of your enemies... But be careful, they can do the same to you too! Thankfully there is plenty of Artifice to replace lost limbs, some better some worse.
Count me in.
This sounds intriguing, I’d be down 
hey I'm a new player of dnd 5e is your campaign open for new players?
Need 1-2 more people.